Art Works Scenery

"Art Works" is a collection of real photographs and virtual photographs I have shot over the past many years where I have taken them into edit-mode to create beautiful and unique wall art.  

All photographs are my own.

© Tanya Elise' Howard


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Waltz Across Texas ~ Art Works 

WITWIT San Antonio ~ WITWIT South Texas

Colour My World ~

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# 2PE-4108  

Morning Through The Waves  (B)

# 2BL-4107-THA

Morning Through The Waves  (A)

Who doesn't love a gorgeous tree house by the sea?  I did this photo in a couple of color variations and special effects!

This is my original photo!

# 4381-FA-1022

Glamorgan Vale

Fantasy Gazebo Cliffs with Peacocks

Second Life Scenery by Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

( aka: Tanya Elise' Howard )

July 2015

# 4383-FA-1017

Shelter From The Briny Storm

Snuggled amid the waves of shore

My life is at peace

I am never bored

My ship is my home

It’s here for keeps

Feel free to come roam with me

Photo & Poem by Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

(aka: Tanya Elise' Howard)

# 2BL-1015B  

Simple Blessings  (B)

# 4401-FA-1045

Pinocchio Villa

Pinocchio Villa Welcome Path to Pink Vintage Home

I created a flowing painting effect from my original photo!

Happy Summer!

# 3868-PE2-4118

Harbor View Ado

Window at Kemah Aquarium ~ Kemah, Texas

# 2PE-1035

Lighthouse Down  (1)

# 2PE-1034

When The Road Is A Ribbon Of Balloons  (1)

# 2PE-1036

Lighthouse Down  (2)

# 2PE-1037

When The Road Is A Ribbon Of Balloons  (2)

# 3271-PE2-4135

I Know You Are But What Am I

The Children's Park Of Tyler

"Jackson" Statue ~ Tyler, Texas

"Behold, Children Are The Gift Of The Lord"

Psalms 12 7:3

This is a unique bronze memorial of a young boy holding his "buddy"
(a frog) and was placed April 2009 as a loving tribute to Jackson Feliciano.
The bronze memorial statue was created by Tom White.

# 2PE-1016  

Off The Track

Mad Pea Carnival ~ March 2013
MadPea Productions

Artwork from my Original Screenshot!

# 3567-FA-3567

Patio Paradise

Galveston, Texas

Galveston is well known for their wonderful Victorian Homes. Now mix it in with their fun-filled Mardi Gras celebrations and you get a patio in paradise with personality out the gazoo!

Digitally Painted from my Original Photo!

# 4384-2PE-1018D

Ships Of Alexandria

Bryn Oh Art Installation ~ Lighthouses Of Alexandria

March 2013

Photo by Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies (aka: Tanya Elise' Howard)

# 2PE-4110

Golden Delta

Fantasy Faire ~ April 2016

With much excitement, I was elected as one of the Official Bloggers (again)

for Fantasy Faire 2016.  Fallen Gods amazes me with his venue builds and
this year he truly placed a heart throb to the beat of my blog reviews with 
his Egyptian theme!  I couldn't stop taking pix!

# 2PE-4111

Power Of The Ruling House

Fantasy Faire ~ April 2016

# 2PE-4109

Pass Through Traveled Souls

Fantasy Faire ~ April 2016


Beneath The Soul  (A)

Fallen Gods Statue beneath his fantasy shop!

Sometimes while I explore....
no wait....
All the time while I am out exploring, especially in Second Life,
I zoom up, down and all around and sometimes below!
I found a hidden Atlas statue holding up Alia Baroque’s “Ancient Avaris” flesh for fantasy Fallen Gods, Inc. Shop and surrounding whispers of Egyptian ruins.  One full day is not enough time to journey through his magnificent 4-Sim collective.

Art Works from my Original Photo!

by Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies
(aka Tanya Elise' Howard)

# 4396-FA-4185

Beyond Borders

Anc, Ltd.'s "No Limits" series in Second Life

Digitally Painted from my Original Photo!

# 2PE-1043

Start With What You See  (A)

# 2PE-1044

Start With What You See  (B)

# 2BL-1033A

Meet Me At The Church  (A)

# 2PE-1033

Meet Me At The Church

# 2PE-1032

Seven Moons Ashore

# 2PE-1031

French Vanilla Terra

# 2PE-1038

Moonlight Over Fairy Moor

# 1040-2PE

The Gathering

Byrn Oh Art Installation ~ December 2015

Virtual Exhibit in Second Life

# 2PE-1042

The Elder's Garden

# 2PE-1041 

It Was Almost Like A Song

# 2BL-1030

It's A New Day

# 4391-FA-1006

Let's Meet At The Wishing Well 

Italian Garden

July 2016

Painting from my photo!

# 3290-PE2-4149

Let Them Fly

The Children's Park ~ Tyler, Texas

Behold, children are a gift from the Lord.
Psalm 127:3
The main statue in The Children's Park of Tyler.

#  4223-TI-0598

50 Shades of Twilight

I painted this art piece by using some ducks and pigeons I photographed in Irving, Texas at Centennial Park; continuing with a statue, trees and a water fountain from various other pictures.  My thoughts were to stay away from realistic and accomplish a surreal excitability!

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

# 3984-PE2-4124

Which Way Do We Go

Lake Jackson, Texas

Somewhere in the midst of the rain and getting lost;
I found my way!

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