Bambi Chicque is Tanya Elise' Howard

of  ™BamPu Legacies.

Below are photographs taken from my Second Life in SecondLife!
I am a Blogger, 3D Designer and well known Photographer in this amazing world I call home at times!
Come join my adventure!


# 4418-BL-001

Poe's Gust Of Reflection

Art In Hats Fair 2015

This is an extravagant and detailed floral hat I designed for the

Art In Hats Fair 2015!

It's full of lavish florals & vines; Edgar Allen Poe poems atop the sails of the "petal sailboats" and dolphins jumping with delight.  All in gold does not glitter, but the twinkles and head turns you get with this grandiose hat will surely put a twinkle in one’s eye!

The photo was also entered where I won an award; it was an exclusive purchase item for the fair and proceeds went to

The American Diabetes Association.

Now it's available for you!

My original photo!

# 2PE-1020A  

Silent Mime

Mad Pea ~ The Silent Peacock Hotel

January 2013

Digitally Painted from my original virtual screenshot!

Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies / Tanya Elise’ Howard


Alegria Nigh

I fell in love with the circus as a child;
As did I with Cirque Du Soleil during a time as an inquisitive teen while visiting Las Vegas!
Both captivated my heart and along with musicals that
echo in my mind from time to time!
I’m sure the same for you!
I created this photo as a blog for a Second Life event “Cirque de Seraphim”
Now the photo is being placed (on canvas) at my 1900 Elm Street Art Installation, Downtown Dallas!
Hope you come visit!
(My original photo)

# 4416-BL-01

Hold On! This Is Gonna Be A Bumpy Ride!

This is one of my personal fav's!  I shot this photo of a friend while doing a Blog for Menswear Fashion Week 2015 in Second Life!  Decided to create a bit of surreal to it!

# 4420-BL-002


Venice Beach meets James Dean?

Every year I get to blog for the Menswear Fashion Week in Second Life.  I either dress up my male avatar to the max or toss some Linden$ to my best buds and have them pose for me in a savvy trailblazing scene I create for my photo shoot!

This one is among my fav’s!  I love dark and mysterious; not to mention “tall, dark and handsome”!

I added lots of fog and dust, created more lighting effects and made sure the highlight tips in his hair popped some style to offset the luscious leather jacket!

My Original Photo!

#BL502  I Am Child

#BL503 Bubblelicious


Two Wheels Moves The Soul

My Second Life Avatar, Bambi Chicque, pausing before the ride in Amsterdam!

# 4360-TH-4038

I Come In Peace

# BL4017AR-045

A Thousand Oceans I Have Flown

# 4413-BL-001

A Little Respect

#BL515  Diga Diga Doo

#BL507 Joy Of Life


#BL509 Praise Freedom

#BL505 Winter Fox

#BL526  The Truth Depends On Who’s Telling It

#BL514  Good Bye Rain

#BL506  The Ghost In Me

#BL520  Timeless

# BL4049-001

Escape To Candy Land

#BL511  What A Ride

#BL517  Dande Dawn

#BL523  Jacqualicious Rococo

This is a Virtual Gown (mesh and sculpt), Train, Side Bow Belt & Antler Headdress I created and sell in Second Life.  I made a cute JACKALOPE for the Headdress and one tiny perched upon the bow!  I created all the textures for this set.

# BL4016-027

Before The Guests Arrive

#BL524 Trinity Unleashed

#BL504 My Umbrella InThe Rain

This is a Virtual Mini Skirt Set with layered floral tattoos that i created and sell.  

I created all the textures myself.

#BL519  Utopian Morrow

# BL4019AR-021  Mambo Zulu

# BL4020AR-047   Her Journey Begins

#BL518 Hollywood Summer

#BL513  Idle Transcendental

#BL522  I'll Be Your Candy Cane

This is a Men's Formal Suite that I created myself along with the textures and the stopwatch!

I also created the Jackalope you see upon the stairs along with the white frosted trees!

# BL4050-041

Go Fly A Kite

#BL512  Cinderella After Hours

#BL508 Within My Garden

# BL525 

The Tourist

#BL521 Chasing Home

#BL510  Today

# 2PE-1011  Moon Struck

# 2PE-1012  If You Say Hide, We'll Hide

PLEASE NOTE:  A select few photos seen above will be cropped to perfect frame size

from my original art when placing an order.

Some that you see were created for my blog and/or contests.  




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