Bambi Chicque is Tanya Elise' Howard

of  ™BamPu Legacies.

Below are photographs taken from my Second Life in SecondLife!
I am a Blogger, 3D Designer and well known Photographer in this amazing world I call home at times!
Come join my adventure!

# BL362

In The Year 2525

I am delighted to have won almost 150 Awards for this photo!

# 4231-BL386

Dawdler Dream

Art Installation by Rebeca Bashly

We have what we call "windlight" in SecondLife.  Its kind of like setting a camera with "special effects" as you would see in photo editing programs.  I spent about 4 hours taking photos in various windlight settings for this shot!  I finally went with some golden hues!

Bambi Chicque / aka:  Tanya Elise' Howard (me!)

Digitally Painted from my original screenshot in Second Life!

# 4233-BL-001

Song Of Imagination

"The Centaurs and the Birds" Art Installation by Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis

Digitally Painted from my original Second Life Screenshot!

# 4424-BL-21

Washed Up Mannequins

The Mannequin!

They are used, yet not necessarily abused..

We see them with draped furs, diamonds & denims

Some have beautiful heads,

Some are bald and some, well they don’t even have eyes!

But if you watch one closely for a long periord

You just might catch that *wink* a time or two

And a huge smile will blossom on both yours and theirs

We turn and walk away while they stand all alone

Through the nights of closed doors

And after a few years of perpetual stiffness

They may begin to sway…

Off to the storage or alley’s way…

Where do these lovelies all go?

Wondering minds want to know…

By Bambi Chicque / Tanya Elise' Howard


∻⊰♡ ⊱∻


It took some time to prepare this photo since I had to edit out my head!  Thought the headless mannequin would look cool next to the headless deer mannequins!


My Original Photo!

# 4414-BL-002

Faireland Ballet

Fantasy Faire charms our spirits for a week at a time year after year.  It reminds me of The Smithsonian Institute because you just can’t really ever see it all.  Thank goodness for all the photographers, designers, writers, bloggers and shoppers who presents their art works not only for the week, but all year long and ever after.
My favorite first stop has always been Fairelands Junction where I melt over the presentation teleporters which display a glimpse of what you will find behind the door.
Fairlands Junction is where you whisper…..”decisions, decisions, decisions” while your mouth drops in awe!
My photo shows you the “Sapphire Mirror Lake” teleporter display where this is indeed a small glimpse of the adventure you are about to bestow upon your pixel self and your real eyes and mind.  The Designer, Haveit Neox, blows me away with his imagination and art/sim installments!
Of course, there’s plenty more there….more to come….

Original photograph by Bambi Chicque / Tanya Elise' Howard!

# BL384

Unlock The Grind

# 4419-BL-007

No One Like You

"Balloons" Sim by Cica Ghost

Whimsical Twisted Buildings

Exploring in Second Life is one of my favorite adventures to pass my time and to take photos!  You don't want to miss any art installation by Cica Ghost!
These whimsical swaying buildings really captured my heart on this foggy evening! 

Digitally Painted from my Original Photo!

# 4047BL-002

Flight Of Sheherazade

# BL389

She Calls For You Tonight

I created this illussion for a contest within the realms of a special sim and the fondness we share

for birds of flight in a fantasy setting!

# BL376

Lotus Vibrance

# BL385

View Of The Mad

# BL391  

There Are Echos In The Garden

# BL377 

Salvador Aurora

# BL365

Burlesque Temptation

# BL370

Golden Envision

# BL371


# BL4018AR-108

Spiral Spirits

# BL373

My Gift Of Dance

# BL388

Echos Of Macbeth

# BL374

Time For Judgement Day

# BL367 

Exposing Exposeur

# BL383

Truth Bestow

# BL390

Can You Hear Me Now

# BL369

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

# BL378

She Dreams

# BL364 

Carnival Equilibrium

# BL380

Sprite Pea

# BL375 


This is a dear, dear friend of mine "Vianderose"!
She passed away a few years ago from AIDS.
I truly miss her.

# BL379

Meshy Monday

# BL381


# BL387

Spider Chant

# BL389

The Circus Is Coming

# BL383


# BL382

The Call


# BL392

Garage Sale

# BL372


# BL366

Diamond Break

PLEASE NOTE:  A select few photos seen above will be cropped to perfect frame size

from my original art when placing an order.

Some that you see were created for my blog and/or contests.  




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