Waltz Across Texas 

# 4251-TH-5865B

Westward Bound (B)

Dallas Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive 

Downtown Dallas, Texas

Owner of Venue:  City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs Public Art Collection

A roll in to Pioneer Plaza with your photographic equipment can leave you with months worth of work.  I find myself going back to the numerous folders I have shot throughout the years and find a new western gem each time!  If you want to keep your eyes on Texas, this is the place to explore! 

Boasting as the 2nd most visited landmark in Downtown Dallas (the first is Dealey Plaza) it howls softly stories of the rugged Cowboy driving their Longhorns and herds to the markets of Missouri along the Shawnee Trail.

When I photograph scenery, I like to climb upon, crawl under and zoom in for unique compositions.  I love this close-up of the boots and stirrups and decided to present a colorful painting as well as an HDR version of my original photo (below)!

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

# 4252-FA-4887 

Steel Rear

Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive ~ Downtown Dallas

This is the painted effect I created from my original photo below.

I sell more photos and fine arts of my longhorn photos!  

# 4252-TH-4887

Steel Rear

Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive 

Downtown Dallas

Every angle of a Longhorn demands attention!  Right?

Each bronze statue is created by Robert Summers of Glen Rose, Texas and believed to be the largest of their kind in the world.  I have watched them add more; one by one for many years!  They gallop down the bluff, they slip and slide along the trail and pause for a lap of water before crossing the stream!

They are amazing!

HDR Photo Processing from my original photo!

# 0993-TH-2036

Buckaroo Bio

Preston Ridge Shopping Center

Frisco, Texas

Frisco, Texas is home to over 150 open-air bronze sculptures and statues spread out across the city’s parks, shopping center passages and gardens.  Some are quite visible from a drive-by and some you have to happen upon or discover within the parks.

Preston Trails stretched from Dallas; south to north in the old pioneer days, changing to Old Preston Road and now simply called Preston Road.  Created by the Republic of Texas in 1841 along the Red River it had been used for centuries.  Today, one of our more smaller highways and well-traveled is now Texas State Highway 289 which follows near the former road.

Preston Ridge Shopping Center in Frisco is home to a cowboy scene with a small pond hosting a lone longhorn taking a sip of refreshing water.  While the cowboys comfortably camp and drink their all-fired Arbuckle”s you can’t help to wonder what their conversation must be.

I took the scene an edited out the cars, shops and modern city-life to prepare something more western amplified to give them a more true drover and cowpoke appeal!

Digitally Painted from my original photographs!

# 5012AR-5984

The Sun Will Rise

Storybook Ranch ~ McKinney, Texas

I had the pleasure of spending Thanksgiving with a Special Needs group "Believe & Achieve" along with the owners and employees of Storybook Ranch in November of 2012.
We had a Texas style Thanksgiving Dinner, went for trail rides on their horses, spent time petting the animals and a grand finale in one of their great hall rooms for music and dancing.
This is a venue well worth taking your family to fora huge Pumpkin Patch in the Fall, superb place for western weddings or any other type of family gathering!
My favorite part of Storybook Ranch is their Western Town where original and restored frontier and pioneer buildings make up the scene for a movie!  

My Original Photo!

# 4350B-FA-0216

Udderly Yummy 

Plano, Texas

We have a field of longhorns that belong to our Company where several newborns have captured my heart; I spend hours watching them grow and play.  This one was near the fence and allowed me to sit closely while he was in the middle of his lunch.  His horns have not started to sprout out yet, but I did see them the other day when I sat out once again during my lunch time!

Digitally Painted from my original photo!


Udderly Yummy

Plano, Texas

Here is my original photo of the digitally painted one above!

He is adorable!

# 4433-FA-0742

Lunette’s Westerly Journey

Dallas, Texas

November 2018

These are my Pap-Paw's Cowboy Boots that he wore while cowboying on the family's 6666 Ranch in Guthrie, Texas. 

I have been honored to be able to set up a Window Art Installation at 1900 Elm Street in Dallas, Texas!  Thought I'd take a quick pic of the boots and create a digital painting from it!

(See My Resume Tab for more photos of my Art Install!)

Original photography by me!


# 4252-TI-5859

Cowboy Medicine

Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive

Downtown Dallas

What makes a rancher happy?  His work.  In the earlier years of the Shawnee Trail where cowboys sauntered the prairies from the Trinity River to Missouri for market and trade, they surely were merry with their lively livestock; especially the mighty longhorn.  And in turn, the longhorns evidently enjoyed their trails while roaming the bluffs and grassy fields along the way.

Each moment I viewed my photograph of these cheerful looking longhorns taken at Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive, I couldn’t help but float the thoughts of “laughter is the best medicine”!  Most all of the bronzed herd are detailed with more serious stern features, while this bull appears to be smiling! Hence: Cowboys Medicine!

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

# 5336-TI-4204


Plano, Texas ~ October 2016


In the midst of hustle-bustle traffic flowing around the Legacy area of Plano, reminders of it's farmstead heritage are sprinkled about with fields of bison, longhorns a few miles away you will even find llamas!  While the city is in a huge growth spurt, incredible forms of architecture for local business shopping and dining districts are popping up which entice the population to make Plano it's home.
I drive by pastures fenced in parallel to major corporate offices where the Longhorns graze and spend their days entertaining the passerbyers (yes, this word is in the Urban Dictionary) and hardly ever get the chance to stop.  Many times that I did pull over, the herds were way off next to the urban stone buildings or too deep in the trees to take their pictures.  I can't tell you how many times I pass by where they are right along the fence line and I don't have my camera! Uggh!
I decided to pack up my camera gear the other day and take my chance for a photo opp and found it!
Majestic and proud they stood at a perfect distance with no human race relics distracting my lens.  To my surprise they even moved closer to me, watching me and allowed me to record their existence forever!  I was in ranch heaven!
To add a little humor to my event, as I was snapping away I noticed a huge figure stampeding toward my right from the field.  This guy was serious and rammed the metal fence just next to me, stood back a tad and dug his hoof into the dirt several times as if to charge at me again....along with loud snorting!  Of course, I stepped back and wondered how strong the fence was and gave him my acknowledgement with respect.  
This went on for about 20 minutes, yet I stood my ground and "whispered" to him:  "Hey there, fellow!  I'm just here taking your picture.  Thank you for letting me take your picture!"  Each time I took a side step, so did he.  If I moved down the fence line, he did too all the while snorting, digging up dirt with his hoof, raising his head up and down quickly and watching to see what I would do next.  He must have some history at the rodeo.
I dared NOT to say Ole'! for fear he would conquer that fence!
And let me add, he would not allow me to get near the fence any more to continue taking photos, so I finally made a little peace with him and continued to stand on my tip-toes to finish my goal of the hour.  
Did I enjoy my experience with a laugh to my heart?  Why yes!  That was a fun experience for me!
I nick-named him Dillinger while his eyes escorted me all the way back across the street to my SUV!

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

# 4361-FA-2089

Texas Garden Boots

Inks Lake ~ April 2018 ~ Texas Hill Country

Austin, Texas Area

Mother's Red Boots

Took a little trip through the Texas Hill Country for the Texas Bluebonnet season yet again!  Found friendly critters and set my Mother's Red Cowboy Boots out!

Enjoy my painted effect from my original photo!

# 4318-TE-8304

Wild Bill's

I am wild about Bill’s!  This is a must do, must shop and must see western store in Downtown Dallas.

Located in the West End Historic District, you can’t miss it.  It’s surely a rarity that a family owned business has created such a long lasting impact of success for over 50 years!  Boots! Buckles! Hats! Jewelry and so much more that you’ll be drooling for Bar-B-Q.   And if you’ve never sat in a saddle, you will find yourself hopping on the ones he has line up at his western vintage bar….where you can sit and point and pay!

311 N. Market St. Dallas, TX 75202

Digitally Painted from my Original Photo!

# 4194-TI-4463

Moo Cow

Highway 2008

Near Fossil Rim Wildlife Center ~ Texas

Every March and April in Texas, it becomes a bluebonnet holiday for families, lovers and friends who adore taking photos along the Lone Star highways.  The bluebonnets create a lovely scenic backdrop with mixtures of wildflowers, Indian Paint Brushes and hills.  There’s about a 2-4 week window to enjoy their blooms!
Ever wonder why we have fields of bluebonnets spread across Texas?  We can thank Lady Bird Johnson for this!  With her love for beautifying cities and highways, the “Lady Bird’s Bill”, or actual name of “Highway Beautification Act” was passed September 16, 1965.
She is known for her famous quote: “Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”
So, to further my photo scoop with these young Texas Longhorns, as I was heading to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center outside of Glen Rose, Texas with my Mother, son and his girlfriend we stopped quite a few times for me to do my photography-thang!  If you ever take a road trip with me, have patience!
I stop all the time.
We found these 2 guys hanging out on this lovely day eating the field grass and probably enjoying their afternoon delight!  You know how cows are, they’ll check you out for a sec, snag another bite, look up and chew while I bet they are wondering what the heck we are staring at!
I caught this photo with a delight pondering if they were having a conversation between themselves.  One would say to the other: “Moooooooo Cow!”  And so the story of “moo cow” goes with the hundreds of times my Mother and I laughed when we drove by a field of cows while her poodle had her nose pressed  to the window looking out, and she would say “Moooooo Cow!” causing FeFe to bark at the herds as if to say a doggy-friendly-howdy to them!
Moo Cow is still an often used phrase and experience for our family!
Try it sometime!

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 4250-TH-5865A

Westward Bound (A)

Dallas Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive 

Downtown Dallas, Texas

See an amazing painted effect above!

This is the HDR processed version of my original photo!

# 4219-TI-4439

Faded Glory

Granbury, Texas

I took this picture near the Downtown Square....well, I took a lot of pictures in and around Granbury!

Granbury is one of the most historic cities in Texas where you won't want to miss their many Festivals, historic museums, enticing parks, wineries, trolley tours, the Granbury Lake and so much more!  The town has loads of preserved vintage and prairie style homes & buildings worthy of spending a day taking photographs.  It's  not often you see our Texas Flag painted onto a house.  This shop was up for rent and I hope they didn't paint over the flag!

Digitally Painted from my original photograph!

# 0375-PE2

Gaylord Texan Glory

Gaylord Texan Resort Entrance

Grapevine, Texas

Once again, I am infatuated with this venue so much that I visit her often!  Sometimes it’s nice and sunny, sometimes rainy next to Lake Grapevine and other times I’m inside shooting photos or dining!

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

# 0271-PE2-4145

Gitty Up  (C)

Dallas Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive ~ Downtown Dallas, Texas

Falling in love with this bronze statue, I decided to create not only a HDR photograph, but to compose a couple of digital painting effects, too.  This one is my favorite! 

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 0271-PE2-4144

Gitty Up  (B)

Dallas Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive ~ Downtown Dallas, Texas 

When this photo is printed, it looks like an etched copper metal!

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 4143-TH-0271

Gitty Up  (A)

Dallas Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive 

Downtown Dallas, Texas 

This is my original photo completed with HDR photo processing.  I also did 2 special effects above!

Original photo - HDR processed.

# 0267-PE2-4147

Dallas Then & Now  (B)

Dallas Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive ~ Downtown Dallas, Texas 

The Bank Of America Building lights up with green argon gas
and has been a popular light show belonging to Dallas since around 1985!

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 0267-PE2-4146

Dallas Then & Now  (A)

Dallas Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive ~ Downtown Dallas, Texas 

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 4218-TI-82

Redish Ranch

Highway 82 ~ Whitesboro, Texas

As some of you know, I designed jewelry for years and many times took "day trips" with my Mom; taking a packed lunch and camera of course, to sell to my Boutiques in the rural towns surrounding Dallas.  This is one of our stops as we both sat and enjoyed our sips, subs and sunset!

Digitally Painted from my original photograph!

# 4225-TI-5543

Wild West

Shawnee Trail Bronze Mural 

Central Park ~ Frisco, Texas

Bet you didn’t know Frisco, Texas is part of the Shawnee Trail!

If you are like me and take a few roads off the beaten path, sometimes you chance upon an area of a town that you drive through every week, but had no clue what that park in the distance might delight you with!  So, I drive around with my eyes peeled along with my notebook full of “local bucket lists” where my Nikon is ready for action; in between the hunts for a nearby public bathroom!

I found the Shawnee Trail instead of a quick stop ladies room!

My full bladder and I spent several hours strolling through Central Park, off Parkwood Boulevard and Gaylord Parkway, where the spirit of The Cattle Drive is alive and kicking!  My little body was not the only one there!  Visitors were having picnics, reading books on the benches, holding hands while wondering up the hills, squirrels chasing huge acorns and larger than life bronze statues adorned the terrace!  This is not just a place to come take photos.  Listening to the trickling of water through the small waterfalls and following it upwards and downwards, I fell in love not only with the landscaping but with the ambiance and lessons read along the steps with engraved quotes from history’s past!

Anita Pauwels of Fort Worth is the incredible Artist who brings our heritage to life and thought with her works of art: 

"The Cattle Drive" consisting of bronze cattle, cowboys, longhorns, engraved stones & steps and bronze sculptural reliefs on the walls surrounding the wells depicting the cattle drive.  

Zooming in on her bronze wall reliefs, I found stories within a story.  Once I took a few of these into photoshop I settled on the idea to create paintings from my original photos!  This is the first one I finished and as I framed it, my chair pushed me forward to review others in my folder that are stampeding into my thoughts to do several more!

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

# 4266-TLB-7400

Apricari Afternoon

Longhorns on Highway 287

Ennis Bluebonnet Trails

Anticipation glides through your thoughts with hopes of spotting as many bluebonnets as possible when you hit the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails.  Along your journey to explore their beauty a sudden espy crowds into your range of what Texas lifestyle is all about.

My nephew, Chris, and I had not even landed at the Ennis Convention & Visitors Bureau yet when we pulled over to enjoy these Texas Longhorns grazing and gazing back at us.

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

# 4269-TIA-7572

Frente al día

Belgian Draft Horse

Sugar Ridge Road ~ Ennis, Texas

If you intend to drive along the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails, look beyond the blues of the blossoms.  Expect more and savor the 3-hour drive!

As we spun up a hill and from a distance we thought a small herd of Clydesdale Horses were cheering their way toward the fence line as we came to a gentle halt in my Mountaineer;  hopping out slowly not to scare them away.  Apparently people trekking their way up to pet them was no strange experience for them; they loved it!

A couple of ladies stood next to us in awe and explained these were instead Belgian Draft Horses! Once home I did a little research and learned these massive animals are among the strongest of draft horses where their heritage in life had them pulling heavy plows or carts with their powerful natural abilities. 

Enjoying our petting spree and photo opp, I really wished I could have taken a ride on one where the bluebonnets blossomed and the sun was perfectly splashing across the hills and ponds.

These amazing horses put on quite the show for us!

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

# 4270-TL-7413

Sunday Afternoon

Bluebonnet Park

Highway 287 ~ Ennis, Texas

In search of the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails, along Highway 287 from Waxahachie, eye-popping blue florals and Indian Paint Brushes glazed chromatically just as we entered the boundaries of this quaint Texas town.  Pulling off toward the right and up a hill we entered Bluebonnet Park which is part of the West Trails.

The park rests peacefully next to Bardwell Lake (great for fishing) with picnic gazebos, park benches, play areas, walking trails, softball fields and good ole’ restroom facilities.  This is an excellent afternoon hangout for families or anyone wanting to take photos!

I wanted to create a painting from one of the picnic gazebos since it was such a serene and secluded section of the park.  The bluebonnets bounced around the grass and covered fields beyond.  

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

# 4272-TH-7438

Only In Texas

Bluebonnets  ~ State Flower of Texas

Ennis Bluebonnet Trails

Snapping around 356 pictures on this gorgeous April 4th, 2017 sunny clear day, it was hard to resist moments stomping around within the fields filled with the famous Bluebonnets of Texas!  The fields are alive with blue and purple hues during late March and most of April each year.  While daily changes occur from pastures to meadows the coverage can be sprinkled, widespread or utterly populated so far as your eyes can see.  It’s a photographer’s and painters haven! 

Proof why we love bluebonnets:

There are songs and poems written about these appetizing wildflowers, Indian lore called the flower a gift from the Great Spirit, there are popular festivals and fair events celebrating the blossom, families and couples spend hours finding the right roadside spot to create memoirs through their cameras, pet lovers sprawl inches away from their furry critters to take their photos, gift shops and boutiques adorn their outlet with garments and souvenirs for us to lavish and show off and finally, of course, it just makes for a beautiful scenic drive no matter where you are in Texas!

And thanks to Lady Bird Johnson, these lush and ornate blossoms are abundant along the highways and byways of Texas!

Oh and one more thing..

Did you know bluebonnets are part of the pea family?  But beware, they can be quite toxic to humans.

Original photo by me!

# 4274-TIA-7493FR


Ellis Bluebonnet Trail

North Trail

Passing by this Harley Barn and farm while photographing like crazy on the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails made me add a “note to self”:  Next year do this on a Harley!

Just another example of what your eyes will smoke out along the route! 

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

# 4275-TL-7496

Along The Fence

Ennis Bluebonnet Trails

We drove past this spot a couple of times, turned around and decided to get out and take a photo.

The fence is one that’s an older rustic style from cedar or possibly quite worn pine.   A fluid stream of life captivated the essence surrounding the bluebonnets.  I would have hated myself for not making this stop!

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

# 4276-TL-7519

Vista Mere

Sugar Ridge Road Pond 

Ellis Bluebonnet  North Trail

Now this was a popular spot along the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails!  Yep, there were loads of vehicles and yet everyone had patience and manners allowing everyone to roam the roadside and shoot amazing photos!

We spent quite a bit of time here where everywhere you turned was an amazing country scene to include in your memoirs!

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

# 4278-TL-7554

Donkey Daze

Sugar Ridge Road

Ellis Bluebonnet North Trail

Across the trail from petting the Belgian Horses we heard loud brays and animal squaks.  While we turned to see this cute and fun loving donkey making his way to the fence along with some Canadian Geese that were picking away at the meadow there was a moment of laughter and human giggles.

H.T.B.T. ~ Had to been there!

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

# 1074A-PE2  

Breaking Trail (A)

Gaylord Texan Resort

Grapevine, Texas

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 1074B-PE2  

Breaking Trail (B)

Gaylord Texan Resort

Grapevine, Texas

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 1080A-PE2  

Embrace The Clay

Gaylord Texan Resort~ Grapevine, Texas

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 0879-PE1-4100


Gaylord Texan Resort ~ Grapevine, Texas

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 0882-PE2-4104

Texas Iron

Gaylord Texan Resort (Entrance) ~ Grapevine, Texas

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 4355-FA2-1626

Wintry Retreat

Granbury, Texas  1-5-18

I’ve watched this Art Cabin being built from ground up over the course of a few years.  My Brother created a wonderful arts and crafts log cabin for my Sister-In-Law where she can spend hours painting, reading her Bible or decorating guitars and other items. 
I took this photo on the day we buried my little To-To for which I cherished every  moment of her 19 years with me.  Since my Brother let me bury To-To out on his little ranch, I thought I would convert my original photo into a painterly and wintry scene to give to him as a Thank You gift!

P.S.  Laura told me she will be using this for her Christmas Card this year!

Digitally Painted from my Original Photo!

# 3441-PE2-4120

Cowboy Way Laundry Day

Parrott Park ~ Old Mill Pond
Lindale, Texas

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 0421-PE2

Longhorn Saloon

Gaylord Texan Resort~ Grapevine, Texas

Within the realms of the Gaylord Texan Resort and under their monumental glass ceiling there are surprises every which way you turn.  Photographers flock to shoot brides, families, special art installations and good ol’ cowboy scenery!  I found this lonely Longhorn peeking through yucca as if he was waiting on his Cowboy to return him to the grazing fields.  Enjoy!

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

# 5061-PE2-4126

Bifocal Buddies

Granbury, Texas

"The Bifocul Buddies" sculpture, by artist Art Blevins, 
was donated to Langdon Center Sculpture Garden
by Linda Dodson.  This is a terra cotta piece with
a finish of bronze.  Every angle is a photo opp!

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 0034-PE2-4148

Hurry Back

Turkey, Texas

This old metal sign is still hanging around on Main Street 
in Turkey, Texas.  Looks like the next word fell off after "First" and 
I am racking my brain to remember what it was.
Turkey is the home of my Mother, Grandparents and several
other family members; settled in the early 1890's by my
Great--Great Grandparents!  I love this old town and keep many
memories to my heart from spending so much of my childhood there.

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 0026-PE2-4150

Vintage Playboys

Turkey, Texas

Ever hear of Bob Wills, King of Western Swing?
His family moved to Hall County in 1913, then bought
a farm near Turkey, Texas.  The town still celebrates this
country music musician by honoring him the last weekend
of every April; Bob Wills Day.  Used to, more than 30,000 people
would gather for this event with fields covered in RV's, trucks and tents.
These days it has less visitors, but the celebration continues.  Bob Wills'
tour bus still sits next to the old gas station.
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted Wills and the Texas Playboys in 1999.
Our family holds our reunion in the old Turkey High School cafeteria (we still have
keys to it) and we all enjoy this little ghost town as much as we always have.
This Phillips 66 Filling Station was restored for visitors to enjoy, although
not a working establishment.  Turkey is full of history and I miss going there
to see my Grandparents and other relatives, but when I do go
- I feel like I'm home!

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 3388-PE2-4133

Equally Yoked

Parrott Park ~ Old Mill Pond
Lindale, Texas

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 3364-PE2-4139

Chances Are We'll Go Down In History

Parrott Park ~ Old Mill Pond
Lindale, Texas

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 4403-PE2-4137

The Governor

Big Head ~ Great Head Statue ~ Huntsville, Texas

Pulling over dozens of times either going into Houston or leaving to
visit the "A Tribute To Courage" Sam Houston Statue, this time I spent
time exploring the Visitor Center and Amphitheater.  Much to my surprise,
and I had no clue it was there, I chanced upon the 2nd statue Artist David Adickes
created upon completion of his 1994 67-foot tall statue of our Sam!  So, next time
you are pulling over to take photos of The Sam Houston Statue, take time to drive
around behind the grassy roadside area and enjoy the center's other goodies
and gift shop!

I love my photo effect with the teal hues and overlaid with my original photo!

# 4220-TH-4623

If Wishes Were Horses 

Austin Ranch ~ Plano, Texas 

Steel Horses Sculptures are by Artist Peter Busby.

UPDATE: 8-2016 ~ I recently drove by this location and so much building and new homes going up in this area.

If anyone ever tried to take a similar photo here, there will no longer be a clear field behind it. So glad I captured this a few years back with my Mother (October 2011)!

HDR Photo Processing with my original photo!

# 1a4298-TE-9362 Ogle Gilleys

2017 Ogle School Face Off ~ Gilley's Dallas

Digitally Painted from my Original Photo!

# 1aa4298-TH-9362 Ogle Gilleys

2017 Ogle School Face Off ~ Gilley's Dallas

My Original Photo!

# 0747-PE  

Ride The Bull

Fort Worth, Texas ~ Billy Bob's Of Texas

Digital Photo Effect from my original photo!

# 4192-TI-3374

No Eggs For Sale Here

Old Mill Pond Museum 

Parrot Park ~ Lindale, Texas

So much to do and see here!

Situated just outside of Tyler and Canton!

This is a sweet little ol' Texas town and as I entered I felt the need

to stop and punch in at Old Mill Pond Museum;

formerly known as Parrot Park!

If you like all things "country", you'll surely get your whistle wet browsing 

through the park and museum!

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 1650B-PE2  

Veiled Tundra  (B)

Grapevine, Texas

See Art Works for another photo effect!

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 2255-PE2-4105

Time Out

San Antonio, Texas

Spending time in San Antonio can add a diverse memory to your Bucket List!
Not only do you take in the wonders of her historical embarkment,
your eyes can capture the beauty of nature and wildlife as well!
I am one to always cut down the beaten path, turn down a street that some
may not take and stop to smell the roses. 
This photo was taken during a drive just outside a neighborhood alive with
the community going about their normal business.  
Yet, the deer were everywhere!
I had a peaceful and memorable outing!

Digitally painted from my original photo!

# 4057-6075

Barnyard Memories

Venus, Texas ~ 2012

HDR Photo Processing & Digitally Painted from my original photo!

# 5029-0955H

Call Of The Wind

Grapevine, Texas

HDR Photo Processing from my original photo.

# 5027-001Ha 

Talk About Farms 

Rio Brazos Music Hall, Cafe & Cantina ~ Granbury, Texas

This is a first class live music venue with a full service bar and awesome Texas style food menu.

Just outside of Granbury, I caught the owner pulling out of the drive while this site was still under construction.  He asked me what I was doing.  I said, "Well, I'm from West Texas & the Panhandle and have seen the Cadillac Ranch many times outside of Amarillo and took pictures.  So, since this reminds me of those Cadillacs lined up like your trucks here, I just wanted to take some pictures!  And, by the way, you might get used to people taking pictures here!"  HAHA!  He was fun to talk to and I found out he knew my brother who also resides outside of Granbury.  
The place is designed quite unique with a rustic-style flair.  Their focus is on country music with a spotlight of Willie Nelson performing for their Grand Opening on November 12, 2011.  Other concerts have included Kevin Fowler, Ray Wylie Hubbard and other big names as well as local Texas artists.  I can't decide if I want to go see Pat Green or Diamond Rio coming up this February!  
UPDATE 2016 ~ I recently drove past this venue and *sighs* it is currently up for sale.  The trucks are situated behind and next to a modern fence line; which interferes with a photographer's dream of a clear photo.  I am so glad I was there just before it opened and finished since my original photos of these vintage trucks were perfectly erect with no distraction!

HDR Photo Processing from my original photo!

# 5005A-5734

It's That Time Again!

~ Arlington Stadium ~ Arlington, Texas~

Statue of Tom Landry, Former Dallas Cowboy Football Coach

HDR Photo Processing & Photo Effect with my original photo!

# 4029-FA-1875

Cowboys Golf Club

Grapevine, Texas ~ July 2014

HDR Photo Processing with my original photo!

# 5079-4506H 

Hollywood Surreal

Yes, you can find Hollywood in Texas!

Hollywood & Vine Restaurant ~ Glen Rose, Texas

At first I thought it was a little motel.  Well maybe it is!  The locals say it's the best hangout for burgers and brew in town.

It's worth a visit for sure, if only to see the decorations, carvings in an older building and the HOLLYWOOD sign.  And well heck, even for a great photo spot!  

On the inside you feel like you are on vacation in the Florida Keys, especially while listening to some great outdoor local live music.

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# 5006A-5880

Wall of Justice

~ Justin, Texas ~ 

And, yes...The Justin Boots are made there!

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Ride For Gold

~ Dallas Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive ~ Downtown Dallas, Texas ~

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# 5009A-5900

Ride For Gold

~ Dallas Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive ~ Downtown Dallas, Texas ~

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~ Storybook Ranch - Plano, Texas ~

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# 5011A-5976

General Store

~ Storybook Ranch - Plano, Texas ~

There have been a few movies filmed at this location!

I was invited to spend Thanksgiving with the owners, family and workers.  We spent the day riding horses, eating, visiting the grounds, eating, having cocktails in various buildings and.....eating!

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# 5076-4468H 

Wanna Ride?

Near Glen Rose, Texas

By the turn of the 19th century, demand for the Texas Longhorn beef began to fade.  It took less than 40 years of fencing, plows and beef demand for the fat English breeds to drive the Texas Longhorn closer to extinction than the buffalo.  Bet 'cha didn't know that!

Six cattle famous families along with the U.S. Government are responsible for preserving the Texas Longhorn as a breed.

I didn't know if this guy was just curious or hungry?  Not much grass left in his field, but plenty of hay bails around. 

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# 4010-TH1650

Golden Thoughts

Las Colinas, Texas

I love it when Jim asks me to shoot pix of him! He always asks me to do some sort of effect; this time it was for his Social Media Sites Profile Pic and to send out during Christmas in his cards.

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# 5077-4514H 

It's A Yucca's Life

Anywhere In Texas!

There is such a varieties of Yucca plants found all over Texas and other southwestern states.  Some people call them the Century plant because they will bloom once every 10 years.

They are a tree-like succulent of the lily family.  In fact, the famous Joshua Tree is also a yucca!

I took this picture on my brother's property outside of Granbury.

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# 5021-0891H 

Cowboys Only

Grapevine, Texas

When I see something of interest, I have learned to pull over and take a picture of it so the memory lasts forever.  I have created a list of "picture projects" and WINDOWS is one that fascinates me. I was actually making a u-turn when I spotted this window across from the Train Depot off Main Street in Grapevine.  My Mom sat patiently waiting in my Mountaineer as she always does.
Texans have a fancy for decorating with diverse ranges of skulls and horns; especially the cow and longhorn.  When I see one, it just sort of says "Texas" to me.    It's not uncommon to find one laying in the dirt amid a field or near a river bank while exploring or camping.  
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# 5078-4516H 

I Speak Very Little English

Granbury, Texas

It seems like every time I take a picture of my brother's donkey, she always sticks her nose up to  the camera!  Sure makes for a fun picture, though!

She will come around when she hears us pick up her bucket.  On this day, she was too busy to stay around as her friends (the goats) had a mamma goat about ready to give birth.  All the animals appeared to know what was going on!  Since we didn't have any food and just standing around shooting the breeze, she hurried herself back to the little herd of goats so she didn't miss the delightful event of the birth

Oh, and by the way, when you visit the Granbury area?  You will probably wonder if it is a City Law to "own" a donkey ~ everyone seems to have one or two!!

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# 5037-0978H 

Then And Now

Grapevine, Texas

Here is another picture I took of a windmill in historical Grapevine just outside the barn-style Master Made Feed Store on Main Street. 

 I thought it was interesting to have a sort of traditional symbol of Texas (the windmill) in front of a modern tower.  Hence the title: Then And Now.

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# 5074-4557HO 

1700 Catacombs

Granbury, Hood County, Texas ~ Granbury Cemetary

Old timers call it College Hill Cemetary.  It sits on a hill just north of historic Downtown Granbury Town Square.

A great part of the area's history lies resting here.  Along with the families you will also find General Hiram B. Granbury, Jesse James and a not-so-notable bird dog named Rex.  From the War of 1812 to Vietnam and present, veterans of many wars are found here.  A lot of the graves cannot be identified because there is only a field stone marking the location.

We tried to find the grave belonging to Jesse James, but there was nothing to lead us to it and we had a full agenda for the day.  I plan to return and have my brother show it to me.  I thought it was quite an interesting and beautiful cemetary with tombstones that I found dating as far back to births of 1797 (shown here)!

My son was a little spooked by us being here.  As I was taking a right turn to exit the cemetary, still looking over my shoulder at the scenery, I hit something with the front tire.  Taylor jumped out to see the damage thinking I caused a flat tire and that we would be stuck here.  My comment:  "Dang, they shouldn't have put that boulder in my way!"  Everything was fine, not even a scratch - thought you'd like to know!

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# 5014A-5682

Grapevine In Time

~ Main Street ~ Grapevine, Texas ~

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# 5022-0898H 

Rootin Tootin

Grapevine Mills Mall, Grapevine, Texas

This is not your typical mall, nor is it your typical American mall.  It's more like a Texas Adventure with around 1,600,000 square feet of shopping space, entertainment and restaurants; including the Bass Pro Shop across the street.

Grapevine knows how to bring in the tourist and local residents.  This mall also includes a Legoland Discovery Land and the Sea Life Center Aquarium.  

I snapped this picture in the food court area along with others I plan to post soon.

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# 5081-4517H 

Bless This Barn

Granbury, Texas

My brother built this barn on his little ranch style homestead, outside of Granbury, a few years ago for their horse Crafty.  

Crafty was once a winning Thoroughbred who brought love and joy to each of us; especially to Donnell & Laura (my brother and his beautiful wife). 

She has since passed away, but I always think of her and her babies (who are now champions as well) with tender and exciting memories racing through my thoughts.

This barn has been truly blessed.  My brother has hopes and plans to turn it into a Bed & Breakfast some day.  I want to be the first to stay there.

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# 0881-PE4099

Couldnt Drag Me Away (2)

Grapevine, Texas

The long entry drive for the Gaylord Texan Hotel & Convention Center can be a pit stop for photographers.  These beautiful bronze Mustang  statues are a  must see.  Mustang is another name for wild horse.  The Mustang's ancestors, called Dawn Horses, roamed here around 50 million years ago.  And it's well known that Texas has had an abundancy of wild Mustangs roaming the state throughout it's history, some still do in certain regions.  You will find Mustang statues all around Texas to remind us of their natural beauty and history,

The hotel is situated next to the waters of  Grapevine Lake.  The Gaylord Texan is considered to be the Official Hotel of the Dallas Cowboys.  It brims with authentic 100% Texas style hospitality and welcomes anyone with a true Lone Star State experience.

When I get in the mood to enjoy a lovely day and drive, I usually end up here since it's so close to my home.  I seem to find something different to take a picture of every time!

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# 5179-0881H 

Couldn't Drag Me Away (1)

Grapevine, Texas

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# 5038-0958H 


Grapevine, Texas ~ 2011 Grapefest

This impressive gazebo is located on Main Street of historic Grapevine and comes alive when the city has special events ~ which is very often!  This year marked their 25th Anniversary for Grapefest.

Grapevine's live music scene has really taken shape over the years and actually for as far back as I can remember.  There are several venues that host local bands every week.  Going to listen to a band in Grapevine is often on a list of "weekend things to do" here in the D/FW area.

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# 5075-4505HN 

Here Honey!

Historical Town Square ~ Glen Rose, Texas

The title to this photograph amplifies two meanings to me.  "Here Honey" is just what I imagine this cowboy spoke to the young Indian lady on her horse as she reaches out to him.  The plaque beside the bronze sculptures describes a fascinating true story, a romantic tale in which a captive Indian maiden falls in love with a cowboy.  What a beautiful movie this would make ~ Hollywood are you listening?

The second meaning comes from my personal experience and another reason I snapped this photograph.  I was hungry!  Sunday downtown life was dead, no cafes open, no one walking the streets nor very many cars driving by while I was shuffling around taking pictures.  All I found to be open was the back end tail gate of this truck with 3 jars of honey, 3 jars of relish and an old rusted scale.  The scale is what caught my eye first!  I asked the elderly weathered gentleman in the pick-up how much for the honey?  He said "$8.00 and I got it myself from my bee farm on my land."  I couldn't resist.  He had that "needy" look in his eye and I figured he didn't have a rolling-in-the-dough day.  A bit high for a jar of honey, but I pulled out the cash anyway.  I really think I made his day.

The Somervell Courthouse sits in the center of the Town Square and is complete with antique shops,  small town style boutiques and gifts as well as a hardware store where the local "silver" gentleman appear to hang out.

The area was first settled in 1849 by Charles Barnard, who opened a trading post near Comanche Peak.  It became a Federal Indian Reservation in 1855, which was abolished in 1859.  Soon after, the town began to build and grow.  The Town Square still depicts the days of old, with not much hint for modern architect.

* I plan to return when the weather is warmer to visit the nearby dinosaur tracks and buy some more honey!

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# 4054-0637

Centennial Perennial

Irving, Texas ~ 2014

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# 5017A-SJ2737

Justa Watchin'

~ Dallas Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive ~ Downtown Dallas, Texas ~

* 50% of Sales goes to Scott Jarrell 

# 5018A-SJ2745

Tranquil Downtown

~ Dallas Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive ~ Downtown Dallas, Texas ~

# 5019A-SJ2748

Sunkiss Dip

~ Dallas Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive ~ Downtown Dallas, Texas ~

After looking back up on this page, I think I should titled it "The G Page" because looks like I have mostly visited cities in Texas starting with the letter G!  lol  - I promise to post more pictures of Texas soon.  I have enjoyed living in Texas which entails most of my life (born & raised).  Like I have always said, we have everything here from swamps, canyons, deserts, hill country (our little mountains), lakes, rivers, beaches, prairies, forests and the Gulf of Mexico sea waters.

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