# 0237-PE  

Following Faith

First United Methodist Church of Dallas

Dallas, Texas ~ April  18, 2014

Capturing a cross placed in front of the monumental First United Methodist Church located Downtown Dallas during an Easter Celebration evening, my Sister and I took turns checking out each other's shots before we walked away.  I loved the Cross, but the background of stairs and lights just did not do it justice...

So!  I played with the photo.  I hope you enjoy!

Digitally Painted from my original photograph!

# 2480-PE2-4116

For Me And For You

St. Joseph Catholic Church ~ San Antonio, Texas
Known as "The Jewel In The Heart Of San Antonio"

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

And here are a few Christmas Greetings, too!

# 4398-FA-1563

All Hail The Nutcracker!

Corinth, Texas

For every Christmas you enjoy...

Wishing You A Season Of Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum!

And may all your traditions bring you joy every Holiday Season!!

My sister had these quite large and tall Nutcrackers displayed on gold foiled star-shaped boxes at her entry.  I took my elf slippers off, sat next to them and took a few pix…knowing I was going to do something splendid with them!  I love Nutcracker decorations and wish we could keep them up all year!

Digitally painted from my original photo and I added some punch to it!

# 4399-FA-038

Cool Yule

Wishing You a Cool Yule

Penguin Wintry Christmas Scene by Bambi Chicque;

aka Tanya Elise' Howard

As a Blogger for my own 3D-Designs and other Creator’s works in Second Life, I also spend time exploring and photographing my surroundings to save for future projects.  I love this wintry scene I happened upon!  Everyone adores penguins, so I created a sweet “Wishing You A Cool Yule” Christmas Card!  Enjoy!

Fine Arts from my Original Photo!

# 4402-FA-4641
Merry Shopping!

Moggin Falls General Store Christmas Village Painting from my Original Photo!  I created a "Merry Shopping" Christmas Card for a friend with this!

# 4397-FA-4831

Christmas Greetings

Corinth, Texas

Christmas Village Scene

My brother-in-law has been collecting Christmas Village scenes for years.  Every Christmas I wonder over to his intricate displays with my Nikon D7000 or my cell phone and snap away!  Next, I created a Fine Arts painted creation from my original photo!  I have had requests from various friends and family to purchase so they can use my design for their Christmas Cards! 

What about you?

Painted effect from my Original Photo!

# 4400-FA-0109

Toasty Hugs Warm Wishes

Corinth, Texas

Christmas 2013

Sending You Toasty Hugs and Warm Wishes This Holiday Season!
Here is another photo I took at Christmas and created a Fine Arts Painting from it! 

# 4232-PE-5208

Open The Gate

Corinth, Texas

Gates at Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House

I love capturing a random unexpected moment or a glimpse of curious chances in nature.  My sister and I took a drive to the Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House where there is a huge statue of Jesus behind locked gates in a well manicured field.  I noticed a shadow cast through the gateway of the cross on the gate and with everything all happening so fast around me, I snapped the photo!  The original color palette was a bit drab, so I thought it would be cool to dally around with it for a rejoiceful and colorful appeal….and send it to my sister so she can see what I did with it.  

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

# 0980-PE  City Angels Chime

Bass Performance Hall 

525 Commerce Street
Downtown Forth Worth, Texas

# 4041-PE2A

Majestic Lifted High

# 4188-TI-4669 

His Gracious Love  (A)

Prestonwood Baptist Church ~ Plano, Texas

# 4189-TH-4669 

His Gracious Love  (B)

Prestonwood Baptist Church ~ Plano, Texas

# 0007-PE  Douglas Brent Hensley Tombstone

Turkey, Texas

While I realize this tombstone is not something anyone would order, I do know some of my family will want this!

BUT!  If you would like a CUSTOM TOMBSTONE made, please use the CONTACT US Form and I will be happy to help!

# 4217-TI-4011

Gentle Fall

Central Christian Church ~ Downtown Greenville, Texas

Having a Gothic Cathedral appeal, stain glass windows, visible Historical Landmark sign with information and a few lofty towers I was gently nudged to stop, pull over, park and grab my camera!
The Congregation was organized in 1879, led by an Alabama Minister; Elder James Pickens.  It's the oldest church structure remaining in this town whereby some renovation was needed in later years.
The Church is situated Downtown Greenville where it's known for shopping and dining.  I always try to find churches in a midtown main section of a town; especially smaller or more rural ones!  There is always interesting history to study which helps you gain more respect and to keep your personal diary quitefull!  
My Mother was with me on this trip and every time I look at this beautiful church, I think of Mom!

Digitally Painted from my original photograph!


Beneath The Soul  (B)

Fallen Gods Statue beneath his fantasy shop!

Sometimes while I explore....
no wait....
All the time while I am out exploring, especially in Second Life,
I zoom up, down and all around and sometimes below!
I found a hidden Atlas statue holding up Alia Baroque’s “Ancient Avaris” flesh for fantasy Fallen Gods, Inc. Shop and surrounding whispers of Egyptian ruins.  One full day is not enough time to journey through his magnificent 4-Sim collective.

Art Works from my Original Photo!

by Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies
(aka Tanya Elise' Howard)

# 4190-TI-4347

All I Need Is You

Granbury, Texas

The cross was made by Dallas Artist and friend, 

Ricardo Paniagua.  

He gave this to my brother to place at the entrance of his ranch! 

It is magnificent to see!  We had a sort of ceremony while they brought it in and I took pictures as the truck pulled up through the long drive between all the cedar trees.  Each stage of setting this in place was exciting and took several hours to accomplish!


Gaylord Texan ~ Grapevine, Texas

May 2015
One never knows what they will happen upon throughout the year at the Gaylord Texan!  
The Paper Lady Statue caught my eye immediately; situated at the entrance and waterfalls by 
the Riverwalk Cantina!  Deep in thought, inviting and inspirational, this statue was created
out of paper over wire armature!

# 4142-TH3401

Never Miss A Good Thing

Parrott Park ~ Old Mill Pond

Lindale, Texas

As you are strolling through the nature paths at Old Mill Pond, 
you happen upon this quaint little church facing the fishing pond
and listening to the doves coo.  Obviously, they do not hold 
church services here, but it's open for you to sit inside in peace!
I especially enjoy photographing scenery or buildings with
a gorgeous reflection!

# 4007-TH5725 Memorial Prayers

Arlington, Texas

# BL509 Praise Freedom

# 4050BL-003

Fix My Eyes On You

# 4052BL-149

Perfect Position to Pray


 # 5023-0783H 

Embrace Tradition 

Flower Mound, Texas

# A5001

Where Gardens Grow

~ Corinth, Texas ~

# 4046BL-013

We Were Made To Thrive

# 5041-0985H1 

He Hears Us

Grapevine, Texas

# 5157-4355H 

Sister's Prayer

~ Granbury, Texas ~

# BL4033 My Path Is No Secret

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