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# 5154-4265H  

Flourish The Past

Granbury, Texas

My Mother and I were actually scouting around the area to take pictures of old or abandoned vehicles and found this one right away!

Heading West on East State Loop 426 from Highway 377, you cross an interesting bridge over Lake Granbury with a beautiful view of the lake and Victorian homes along the way.  

On the right, deep in the trees is a sort of country-like trinket and antique shopping spot.  I pulled in, actually, to answer my cell phone; then looked up as Mom was pointing at this ravishing foliage-embellished truck!

How lucky can one get?

HDR Photo Processing from my original photo!

Miss You, Mom!

# 5136-4155H 

Old Smoky  

McKinney Main Street ~ Texas ~  Historic Downtown

1934 Dodge Sedan

McKinney Main Street is part of a national program designed to revitalize historic commercial areas.

This downtown square is one of the ever so often busiest I have ever seen ~ anywhere!  You name it?  They got it!  New mixed in with the old, arts, entertainment, fine & casual restaurants, boutiques, western stores, festivals, benefit runs, etc.  

McKinney has it together for sure!

I was volunteering to help a friend during the city's 2011 October Fall Event at his Pumpkin Patch booth!   We both had our cameras and took breaks to snap some shots from time to time.  I kept thinking to myself:  "I wish I could see an old car or truck or even a glamorous sport car pull up somewhere."  True story!  Not long before my shift was just about up and as the sun decided to make it's way behind the buildings, here comes this outstanding 1934 Dodge Sedan pulling right up to my nose!  The gentleman and his partner glided across the parking lot and left me standing with my mouth gaping!  Michael and I were like kids in a candy store snapping away with our cameras!

We sold lots of pumpkins and other fall items, too!  Well, we were the only ones who the city invited to set up! 

HDR Photo Processing from my original photo!

# 4354B-FA-7274

Lincoln Park

Pilot Point, Texas

Lake Ray Roberts

I keep my eyes peeled for old vintage cars and trucks while traveling the countryside.  A taste of history is left behind in hidden yards, behind old barns and yes, junk yards!

While driving around shooting photos of bluebonnets around Lake Ray Roberts and the Texas countryside I found this old vintage Lincoln resting near the railroad track.  I didn’t see it at first since I was watching the train pass and was thrilled to turn my head at what I call “the find for the day”!

Click below to check out my original photo that I entered in the 2017 Smithsonian Photography Contest!

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# 3180-PE2-4136

Tin For Sale

Canton, Texas

Just on the southwest side of Interstate 20, before North Trade Days Boulevard, 
( main street for Canton Trade Days "First Monday" )
sits a small quaint Canton Consignment shopping area.  I always stop and 
get my little bottom out to look around at all the interesting trinkets and such
for sale or display!
I fell in love with this old Vintage International Truck and couldn't wait to play
with the photo!  Hope you like it!

# 4055-1066

Leaving Soon

1954 Dodge Fire Truck ~ Grapevine, Texas 2014

Apparently this antique beauty came to Grapevine from New Boston, Illinois.
Although retired as a working truck, it has been operable for many years.
The note in the window states it will be "leaving soon" where it will fine a new
permanent home:
Texas Fire Museum
2600 Chalk Hill Rd, Dallas, TX 75212
(214) 267-1867

HDR Photo Processing with my original photo!

# 4379-PE-1016

Off The Track

Mad Pea Carnival ~ March 2013

MadPea Productions

Artwork from my Original Screenshot!

# 5119-1015H 

Performance Sabbatical

~ Dallas Cowboys Stadium ~ Arlington, Texas ~ 

Tail Gate Parties can be a festive event and definite EYE CANDY for men and women alike!

Not only does it make for an interesting gathering of friends and meet-the-neighbor juncture,

one can always find extrevagent RV's and BOY TOYS galore!

# 5120-1016H 


Arlington, Texas

This neon-banana-yellow neon Dodge truck had several eye-catching aspects to photograph.  I love how the sun splashed a hint of light to add some life to it.  

I think the Dodge is my favorite truck.

# 5003A-5639

Oh Henry!

~ 1959 Ford Edsel ~ Justin,Texas ~

# 5181-5428H 

A Bicycle Built For News

Dallas Morning News ~ Plano, Texas

On a field trip with "Believe & Achieve", a Day Care Program For Adults With Special Needs, we spent the better part of the morning on a very educational tour of the Dallas Morning News plant. Yes, I learned a lot!  Didn't find out who really shot JFK, though.

I volunteer in many aspects for this group and encourage each client to learn, to believe and to achieve.  Although they keep me quite busy with questions and interests, I found myself amused with the facility's bicycles!

Couldn't help myself, had to take a picture of one!

# 5169-1293H

 Ready To Rumble

Sneaky Pete's ~ Lake Lewisville, Texas

Just outside the entry door of Sneaky Pete's, you can always find Boy Toy Treasures parked by the Valet service while the patrons enjoy boating, swimming, volleyball, delicious food and live entertainment - right on the lake!

# 5026-0764H1 

Make The Scene

Irving, Texas

On a night out for a sort of High School reunion of friends - including about 4 schools, this bird screamed at me:  

Take My Picture!

So I did!

# 5121-1018H 

Play Hard 

Dallas Cowboy Stadium ~ Arlington, Texas

Told ya I like the Dodge truck!

# 5155-4267H 

Even Now I Wait

Granbury, Texas

Here is another shot I took of the gracefully aged truck outside the trinket shop.  

Oh the stories I bet it could tell.  It gave me a feeling that he has always lived right there!

# 4383-FA-1017

Shelter From The Briny Storm

Snuggled amid the waves of shore

My life is at peace

I am never bored

My ship is my home

It’s here for keeps

Feel free to come roam with me

Photo & Poem by Bambi Chicque of BamPu Legacies

(aka: Tanya Elise' Howard)

# 5129-0956Ha 

Rough Mornings

Whitewright, Texas

Miles outside the little town of Whitewright, rests this mellowed old car.  I admired it from afar for season after season on a friend's 60-acre homestead.  Finally, one cold morning I walked across the field and took the picture just as the early morning sun began to luster the moment.  I wonder if it still runs!

# 5002-5618

See The Birdy?

~ Justin, Texas ~

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