Fairies, Elves & Wizards ~ Oh My!

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Bambi Chicque is Tanya Elise' Howard

of  ™BamPu Legacies.

Below are photographs taken from my Second Life in SecondLife!
I am a Blogger, 3D Designer and well known Photographer in this amazing world I call home at times!
Come join my adventure!

# 4421-BL-005

Where Magic Lives

I was thrilled to be a Blogger & Designer for the Fair Play Event (August 2015) where I created a sneak peak at some irresistible poses, skins, clothes & other designs.  The snake was created by a friend of mine; Kaleidos, who had allowed me to wear it before she added it to the Fair, and while whisping around in various locations everyone already wanted to buy him! 

 ∻⊰♡ ⊱∻

My Original Photo

# 4423-FA-50 

Garden Of EVE II

See below for description!

I decided to create a painting of my original photo to add to my Downtown Dallas 1900 Elm Street Art Install!


# 4423-BL-50

Garden of EVE

Mermaid & Half Lamb-Hippocampus Underwater Garden

∻⊰♡ ⊱∻

While I love exploring the realms of all Second Life has to offer by visiting astonishing sims and ogling over spectacles and themed venues, I do prefer setting out my own scenery when it comes to a focus on Designer’s reviews. I’ve taken great care and pride in my presentation where I hope to capture the hearts of an artist’s audience and, most especially, to bring forth revenue and customers to the Creator’s I blog for.

This can take quite some time to do.

In fact, it can take even up to two full days to complete.

I am not one who throws on a gown, or simply pick the first pose that my mouse bites, or runs off to a finished sim and snap a quick photo and plop it on my Blog and Flickr. Every element I select becomes an integral part of what I want to achieve.

Eyes and Nails must blend in palette, Hair and Crowns must make sense, Skins and Tattoos should balance with my theme, Scenery and Décor most definitely should belong to the composition, Coloration of all items must jive, a Time Period should be present (careful not to mix modern and medieval – yikes!), and above all “if I don’t have it, go get it” if it helps to pull it all together.

The photo should tell a story and leave a lasting impression.

Setting up the scenery and photographing it is only my half-way mark. I have noooooo time to give you my photoshop and photo editing steps, but as you can see – I spend hours perfecting each photo!

∻⊰♡ ⊱∻

And, yes! I am in the photo! Can’t you see me? I’m having fun frolicking with the Frilled Fishies!

My Original Photo!

# BL4036


# BL4040

Tranquil Poise

# BL4035

Be Strong And Wait

# 4422-BL-001

Welcome To Mearthland

"When the first baby laughed for the first time, they laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies."

~ J. M. Barrie, Scottish, 1860-1937, from Peter Pan




( Another year Blogging for the Skin Fair in Second Life added more fantasy skins than ever before.  There was a blend of purple that fell into my inventory and demanded attention! )

So the young Fairy flew amid the winds of sparkles, twinkles and flowers until the Carousel set loose. 

Mearthland began.

My Original Photo!

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