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1900 Elm Street - Dallas, Texas

Originally the Titches Building built in the late 1920's!

Here I am with one of my Art Fans standing in front of my window display.  I added a banner with my website name and just can't believe how successful the sales have been!

I took a few photos during the set up; here is my friend Jose taking the time to rearrange my website banner!

This will be my window forever! 

I get to change out the themes every 4 months!

Come and see my work here in beautiful Downtown Dallas!


Head Shot ~ Portfolio ~ Press Kit

I was tickled to pieces when my friend, Bob Fanucchi, asked me to do his new head shots which were going out for Press Release through his talent agency. Linda, owner of Linda McAlister Talent Agency, instantly approved my proofs and away Bob raced to Lousiana for filming.  And, when he returned I got to hear more of the backstage stuffies!
When he told me that GERARD BUTLER was one of the stars in the film,
I begged him to tuck me away in his suitcase and take me!
The movie:  "OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN" stars Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart, Dylan McDermott (another hottie!) and Rick Yune!
You will find my photos of Bob on all the sites he is listed with, including IMBd!
He called me on a Friday night, we shot photos all day Saturday  at the Las Colinas River Canal, I edited all night and emailed his proofs by probably 10-11:00-ish pm.  Linda approved the shots immediately!
Bob is currently filming "Templar: Honor Among Thieves" . He has also been in other great movies such as "From Above" with Danny Glover and "Friday Night Lights" with (another cuties) Taylor Kitsch! 
I wish the best for Bob and his bright Hollywood career!  When I first came back from Alaska he took me to dine at Bob's Steak House in Plano during an ice storm - - - just imagine a tall Texas cowboy holding lil' o' me up not to slip after spending icey winters in Alaska ~ lol


Sullivan, Indiana

I am Ken's Personal Band Manager and spend a lot of time photographing

him for promotions.

# 4369-TH-5915

Ricardo Paniagua, Dallas Artist

Ricardo is proudly standing in front of one of his hundreds of wall murals; located in West Village off McKinney Avenue in Dallas.

# 4386-TH-0100

Shaun Rabb Fox 4 News

Turtle Creek ~ Dallas, Texas

September 7, 2017

Shaun Rabb, Fox 4 News, covering the story of Robert E Lee's statue being removed and placed in storage.

I had the enjoyable experience speaking with Shaun Rabb while visiting the  statue one last time before it was whisked away.

I told him that I watch him every night at 5pm, "Yep I do"! 

He got a chuckle from that!

Great guy and love his reporting style!

4376-TH-4855 ~ Eric B

Eric B ~ Lead Singer

Random Axix Band

Cool River Restaurant ~ Las Colinas, Texas

# 4377-TH-4857 Break Time

Random Axis Band

Cool River Restaurant ~ Las Colinas, Texas


I love this multi-talented guy!  I am Jonny's Personal Band Manager.  We spent a day together in the Deep Ellum area of Dallas to accomplish a 5-outfit full days photo shoot for my Moodee Cactus Record label.  

4378-FA-4860 ~  Oh Shelley

Shelley ~ Female Vocalst

Random Axis Band

Cool River Restaurant ~ Las Colinas, Texas


Let's Sing

Random Axis Band

Cool River Restaurant ~ Las Colinas, Texas

My Original Photo!

John Kirtland of Deep Blue Something

(Breakfast at Tiffany's)

While hosting on Dooner's World Music Podcast, I took a few shots around John's office.  I've been honored to work with him while employed at the Cambria Hotel Downtown Dallas; for which he owns.  He is just down to earth, kind and always there when you need him!

Not to mention, he's a fantastic drummer!

More Cowbell Band

Live Performances around Dallas / Fort Worth

I had the honor of shooting pix for the More Cowbell Band at Willhoite's in Grapevine, Texas.  They wanted a few new ad shots for press release.  Here is a sampling of what I came up with for them!  I also made their Halloween Poster (below).




DFW Violinist

If you think you have ever heard the greatest violin player, you haven't heard anything til you have heard Richmond!

I volunteer at times for "Believe & Achieve" where we work with special needs adults.  Denise and I had arranged to assist the Salvation Army to "ring the bell" around holiday time at Frye's in Plano, Texas.  One of our very talented clients, Taylor, is quite amazing at his violin skills - so I thought it would be cool to call Richmond and invite him to "pop up" as a surprise to Taylor while playing his violin!

The crowd went crazy and Taylor had tears in his eyes!  Richmond asked me to work up a poster for him to use from a photo he already had.  I added some  graphics to it and touched it up!

(See below for a group shot of all of us at Frye's ringing the bell.)

Salvation Army 

Believe & Achieve Group Event ~ Plano, Texas

# 5190-5158 

Ringing The Bell 

Believe & Achieve "rang the bell" for Salvation Army at the Frye's location in Plano, Texas.

This photo was also used for their advertisements, websites & Press Kits.

Photo also includes Richmond Punch, DFW Violinist!

# 4388-TH-5424

General Mills Kids Cereal Event

Dallas, Texas

October 30, 2016

General Mills Event ~ Children having fun and tasting cereal!

For the individual photos, please contact me!

All Photographs by me!

Ogle School Event


FACE OFF 2017 Fashion Show

Believe & Achieve

Chuy's Restaurant Day Event

# 5184-4902 


Believe & Achieve Special Needs Group

This photo also appeared in the Plano Chuy's ads.

Tripod and timer was used so I could get in the pic!

# 4364-TH-5935

West Village

West Village Mural Reveal Party ~ November 11, 2016

#4372-TH-5907 Ricardo Reveal Party

Years back there was a seed planted on McKinney Avenue in Big D!  Throughout a lifespan from that near downtown urban seed a birth of transformation through a few generations of city goers have watered the budding collective.  I have been a silent part of that.
West Village is located in this electric district where it influences the community who enjoy shopping, dining, movies and the Arts.  On November 11, 2016 Artist Ricardo Paniagua was honored with a Mural Reveal Party where his craft of painting patterns and geometric abstraction came to life in the center of West Village.  Ricardo, a friend of mine, is a curious and yet serious Dallas-born artistic whiz where struggles have never stopped him from mastering his inventive forms of art.
As my brother tells us both, “Don’t get off the path, Ricardo!”  Bravo to you, Ricardo!

The Removal Of Robert E Lee Statue

# 4385-TH-0084

Transit Of Robert E Lee

The removal of Robert E Lee's bronze statue.

September 2017

Turtle Creek, Dallas

I was there…
First driving like crazy to Turtle Creek, dodging traffic with my GPS guiding me.  Then to Dallas City Hall  to investigate the final hearing. 
Turtle Creek in Dallas’ Oak Lawn area became a center of attention when the removal of the Robert E Lee bronze statue went through a process of bitter-sweet motions to take it down. Shocking to most residents of Dallas since it was an unannounced quick plan, it came down.
If President Franklin Delano Roosevelt were alive today I am sure he would have a tear flowing since he led the dedication ceremony in 1936.  The nation’s turmoil to suddenly remove bits and pieces of our American History saddens me. 
If I had been alive during the days of slavery, I am sure I would have been hung from a tree if caught carrying wagon loads of precious people of the darker colored skin race, who were so brutally enslaved, to safe houses far away from their wretched owners.  I strongly disagree with slavery, human trafficing and human humiliation.   And I do understand the conflicts of the Civil War but it is primitive to whisk away statues and place them out of sight thinking it will mend our past.
The Sculptor who was commissioned to create this piece is Alexander Phimister Proctor. He spent 4 years designing this masterpiece.  The statue of General Lee guiding his friend and Aide atop strong and muscular horses holds a purpose of honoring veterans; just as any other military statue or monument focuses on around the world.

I thought this was a moody decision to take it down.  I am honored to take photos of any historical character’s figure no matter their race or religion.  We are all God’s children and the hostilities of war has been a part of our global lives since the beginning of time.  We learn from it and we remember the fallen and their families.  While I feel people who visit museums, parks and cultural centers where they view ancient artifacts or read the description plaques displayed near the piece, they/we are in “norm” mode to learn more about the memoirs of Earth. 
History can never be removed. 
Centuries ago Rome set out to invade and conquer every country on Earth.  It was their tragic goal as they spread deeper and wider surrounding Italy.  For decades they slaughtered and enslaved not only Villages of common people and royalty, but full countries; including what “they” called the Barbarians.  Every few hundred years men and women, such as Spartacus, Queen Boudica, Arminius, Virathus, Attila and Hannibal, led victorious battles for the sake of their freedom.  It wasn’t until Alaric led a devastating blow to the Capital of Rome that finally began to turn their course around for good.
The ancient rulers of Rome behaved immorally, and yet their statues still remain all over Italy and other countries.  I spoke with a friend, Stefano, in Venice. who mentioned the Americans were being laughed at for jumping to remove statues of their history.  Then I really realized how improper it was to take Robert E Lee to a covered storage; especially in such a quickness without serious time to view all elements of historical chronicles.
Just something to think about here.
And what I really thought quite…well, weird, is that the original crane commissioned to drive to Dallas and remove the statue was involved in a fatal accident on 9-10-2017.
If you disagree with me, I understand.  Yet no matter how we all feel, remember this:  History can never be removed.  The real meaning behind sculpts, busts, statues, paintings and photography promotes historical event chronicles and works of art.

My Original Photo!

# 4371-TH-5974 ~ Suit Supply

West Village is loaded with trendy shops of all sorts.

I loved how this one turned out!

# 4387-FA-0120

Cultural City Hall Pool

Downtown Dallas City Hall

The Cultural Landscape Foundation

Once upon a time, Mayor Erik Johnson set out to rebuild Dallas’ image.  It appears that since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (1963, Dealey Plaza) everyone scooted out of Downtown Dallas and it was like a ghost town for years upon years. 
In fact, while on vacation in Barbados answering someone as to where I was from they proclaimed (without thinking I am sure) “Oh, Dallas!  You kill Presidents there!”  Really? 
Now the electric excitement of Big D is alive night after night, day after day with hundreds of things to see and do.  Downtown Dallas is vibrant with cultural arts, restaurants, shopping and the list goes on and on.
Pictured here is The Cultural Landscape Fountain showcasing 2 large red floating orbs designed by artist Marta Pan in front of Dallas City Hall.  Park benches speckle the 2-triangular area of interest where you may relax and enjoy the ambiance of Downtown Dallas!

Artwork from My Original Photo!


Baywatch Dolphin Tours

Located at

Pier 121

2100 Harborside Drive

Galveston, Texas

Upon getting a free boat ride to watch the dolphins swimming in Galveston Bay, I promised to send the photos I took to them!

My Original Photo!


Baywatch Dolphins

The Baywatch Dolphin Tour was superb; but *sighs* the dolphins never jumped up and out of the water.  They were all around us, however.  Lots of them! 

Wanna go back!

My Original Photo!

Because Being Together Is Enough

Family Portrait ~ # MF6062

The Mother asked that I prepare several photographs of her family with an aged,antiqued and vintage appeal.


I have many, many backdrops and props to select from when doing a studio style photo shoot!

Mr & Mrs Mojisola Robert

Christmas Photo Session 2018

# 4425-TH-3322

The Treber Family

Christmas Family Photo with their newborn; who never woke up! 
Dallas, Texas
December 2018

The Ohiri Family ~ Christmas 2018

This little man on the left was the cutest thing I've ever seen!  I sold them lots of individual photos as well.  I look forward to having them back in my studio again soon!

  • Professional Touch-Up Service for your personal photos.

  • I spend time in Photoshop to perfect all photographs of my work and of any photo sessions I am hired for.

  • My services for you includes a BASIC TOUCH-UP.  

  • A FULL FLAWLESSTOUCH-UP, GLAMOUR SHOT and SPECIAL EFFECT is available at your request.

Special Shots taken at weddings for memorable moments!

# 4358-TH-1723

Easter Tango


Tango’s Dad is a Lhaso Apso and her cute little Mom is Chihuahua!  What a mix!  Here he is 9 weeks old and just in time for Easter (born January 2018)!  Yes, lots of puppy kisses, puppy breath and little nips at my toes!  

Note: While taking photos of special fur babies, please know it takes time to work with them.  I spend time playing with them at first so they get used to me.  Then we begin the process of photographing them with many shots!


Client wanted a POSTER of his new Snow Machine!



My friend, Scott, has been working in Aphghanistan for the past many mooooons ~ On his last trip home we spent the day Downtown Dallas shooting pix of the Longhorn Statues which are called "Dallas Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive".  Scott had never seen these enormous statues so we spent more time exploring and reading up on their history.  And, of course, we attracted a lot of attention and had a wonderful time talking with other tourists that day.
He sent me a few of his pix for me to edit.  You will find them here on my sight where he receives 50% of any monies for orders; giving him credit as well.  
(You will see his name on the photos.)
Here are a few photos I took while playing around....and a fun one he took of me!


How To Take A Picture

Yep! That's me!
When I'm serious about getting that perfect composition in a shot you'll find me kicking off my shoes, climbing, squatting and even ducking into tight places!

Enofe Twins Wintry Photo 1462

Met this wonderful couple at Christmas visiting the Vitruvian Park in Addison to photograph Christmas lights.

Fell in love with these adorable angelic twins and the Mother asked that I keep in touch with her so she can obtain the pix I took!

Backyard Timeout

A bit of vintage color effect for my sweet model in Upstate New York!  I had the guys drag this old theatre chair from my friend's porch to the beautiful blooming dogwoods, turned the magazine upside down and the fun exploded!

Country Sweet

# 5144-0061H ~ You Don't Want To Know 

Client asked that I prepare a very dramatic effect to her photo!

# 4041-1707 Maria ~ Bridal Portrait

# 4435-TH-2117

Debby Williams

My friend and co-worker!  Lovely personality; beautiful inside and out!
Cambria Hotel ~ Downtown Dallas
Christmas 2018

# 5105H 

Live In The Moment 


# 5173-26 

Dreaming of Fall 

# 4057-6075 Barnyard Memories

Venus, Texas ~ 2012

Painted Effect for family's Grand-Father!

# 5185-5283 

Friends Forever 

# 5187-5057 

Kierston Lovely 

# 5175-4816 

Oodles Of Fun 

# 5178-0032 


While another photographer took this photo of me, I was auditioning for a part and needed to edit all of my photos myself so they could be submitted in a timely manner.  I have many more examples from this photo shoot in Oklahoma.

# 5176 ~ Three Of A Kind 

The family asked that I edit the background and couch clutter for their Mother-Daughters Photo.

# 4010-TH1650 Golden Thoughts

I love it when Jim asks me to shoot pix of him! He always asks me to do some sort of effect; this time it was for his Social Media Sites Profile Pic and to send out during Christmas in his cards.

# 5158-4351H 

Before The Hunt 

# 5962 Precious Moments

0169 Elijah

I have photographed various sports teams.

# 4009-TH1657

Cowboy's Surmise

Jim wanted a photo for the Christmas Cards he ordered from me.
He asked that I create a painted and misty feel to his final selection; he loves art and paintings!

He's one of my best customers!

# 4434-TH-1807


Cambria Hotel ~ Downtown Dallas
Christmas 2018

# 4030-1063 Chris & Maile

Fountain at Gaylord Texan, Grapevine, Texas ~ 2014

Christian Vale ~ Count Zero Records

His new album should be released somewhere between May to August 2021!  I created the poster that will fold up inside.

Hot! Sizzling! Venezuelan!  

Love this guy and so much fun to work with!!

His music melts all the ladies hearts!



This was created for my 1900 Elm Street Art Window Install

I had a lot of room to decorate and hang many large canvas prints, but you just never can get enough in a window, right?  So I had a lovely ornate easel with this foam board poster right up to the window in the corner.  Yep, I get lots of orders for these prints!

# 4060WIT-Ci

Co-Op CiCi's Collage ~ Tyler, Texas

August 2014

While traveling to Tyler, Texas for my new BLOG;
"Where In The World Is Tanya", 
I had the uplifting honor to spend time with one of my most favorite group of friends.... make some new friends!  Denise, of her newly formed "The Co-Op"; formerly
of "Believe And Achieve" in Plano, Texas, invited me for a merry lunch with her group 
at CiCi’ss Pizza and to photograph this adventure!
John Garcia, CiCi's zealous Manager, was pleased to have me take pix of him with The Co-Op group
as well as other sectors of his busy restaurant!  
The pizza, salad and desert was yummy, too!

# 3342WIT

CiCi's Pizza T-Shirt Poster ~ Tyler, Texas

August 2014

# 3337WIT


CiCi's Pizza ~ Tyler, Texas ~ August 2014

# 4059WIT-Ci

The Co-Op  at CiCi's Pizza in Tyler "Poster"

August 2014

# 3328WIT

Love CiCi's Manager ~ Tyler, Texas ~ August 2014

# 5168Z  ~  More Cowbell Band

Halloween Poster 2011 

# 5189  ~ Believe & Achieve Every Day  ~ Poster

# 5183  ~  Believe & Achieve For Adults With Special Needs POSTER

I took all of the photos that you see in this poster.  I was invited to Volunteer many, many times and to also photograph the group for all their events and outings which would be published on their site, Facebook and any Press Kits.

Poster for Believe & Achieve and Arthur Murray Dance Studios

# 5182H ~ Merry Shopping 


Ken Tucker Blues

Andrew Love & The Lottery Band

Moodee Cactus Records

Flying D Dockside LOGO ~ Motorcycle Club

Client wanted artwork to embroidery on leather jackets and hats along with something he could use for posters, signs and advertising.

AIM Logo & Sign ~ Bedford Texas

ECAPS Merchandising Company LOGO

Kettlewell Band - Moodee Cactus Records

Brad Sullivan & The Kettlewell Band

Moodee Cactus Records

AIM Building Sign and Suite Door Sign

NRC Merchandising Company

Carolina Rambler Band

Moodee Cactus Records

Mistah Danny P ~ Rapper

Moodee Cactus Records

Faceless MS Band ~ Moodee Cactus Records

I created this card logo for the band by using an idea they sent to me and where their original artwork was not created quite properly for print.  Since then between all of us we have come up with all the styles of logos they need for print and album covers.  I made several styles with a more artsy flair for all of my Artists at Moodee Cactus Records since I also designed fashion forward style merchandise.

Jonny Ford & The Outlaw Harvest Band

Moodee Cactus Records

Karma's Tea Band

Another example of an arty logo I created for fashion style  merchandise for our record label.

Dooner's World Music Podcast

Tory Fields Music

Moodee Cactus Records

Brandon Sciotto ~ Hip Hop Artist

Moodee Cactus Records

Saint Jerome Music

Tumble Honey Records

TEH Booking & Management

My Band Manager Site ~ Consists of Services for my graphics designs, booking my Artists for gigs and festivals, creating album covers, CD's, etc.

Believe & Achieve Business Card

Using my photograph of one of the clients.


I have hundreds of templates to create something special for you!

I created this Bridal Shower Announcement totally from scratch; adding fun bubbles, making an ornate border and following a color palette my Client had for the party!  Success!

My website was published in 2010 and I have been honored with much success!  

I add photographs often and change things around.





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