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WITWIT ~Where In The World Is Tanya

Here is where I hope you will fall in love with my Dallas and surrounding area photographs and digital paintings!  

You will find most of my western art works inside the WALTZ ACROSS TEXAS tab; some will be in Art Works, Colour My World and spread out into appropriate tabs.

# 4056-TH-1982

Eye See You

Temporary Art Installation

Downtown Dallas, Texas ~ 2014 

Artist:  Tony Tasset

30-foot Eye-catching EYEBALL!

A partnership between The Joule, Nasher Sculpture Center and contemporary artist Tony Tasset!

Mayor Mike Rawlings with his excitement about the "Eye" said he wants to make Downtown Dallas the "coolest, most artistic, most fun place around!"

 I think he has accomplished that!

HDR Photo Processing from my original photo!

# 4255T-5753

Traveling Man

Walking Tall

Traveling Man at Deep Ellum

Art Install by Brad Oldham

Globetrotting is what I do! 

My days are inspired by looking past the steering wheel, beyond the headlights, free of the fences and traveling down the off-beaten paths. 

I write intricate narrations where every picture tells a story.

My mission is to inspire you to tailgate my trips.

For you not to just think about it, but to trigger your trip agenda where your travel experiences are more than a mere holiday or dinner at 7.

Digitally enhanced from my original photo!

# 4364-TH-5935

West Village ~ Uptown Dallas

What do you get when you visit West Village?


The venues are abundant!  Eat & Drink first, right?  Proud restaurants are amid this popular residential and shopping scene!  Need a place to stay for the night?  Stroll into the Canopy by Hilton for a lovely surprise!  Get your movie tickets at The Magnolia Theatre & Bar and prepare to take lots of photos in front of my friend and Local Artist Ricardo Paniagua’s now trendy wall mural!

3699 McKinney Ave, Dallas,

My original photo!

# 4412-FA-1900

1900 Elm Street

Downtown Dallas

Once upon a time in Downtown Dallas, this historic building opened in 1929 as Titche’s Department Store; originally the Titche & Goettinger Building.  Today the 8-story venue is reviewed as an urban loft for apartment living.  There is so much character as you walk your way around looking up at the décor of arches and sculpted  plaques and iron-works. 
I have the honor to which I was asked to display my Fine Arts (Western Themes) in one of their large display windows along the street starting October 2018 through January 2019!  Come and see my work and enjoy the amazing building!

I remastered an old vintage postcard and created a digitally painted fine arts creation for you!

# 4248-TH-0990

At The Bass

Bass Performance Hall 

525 Commerce Street

Downtown Forth Worth, Texas

Visitors, wonderers and residents alike will follow the trail in Downtown Fort Worth just to take in the ethereal divine Angels trumpeting high over the Bass Performance Hall.  The architecture inside and out is stunning!  The venue hosts Broadway smash hits, operas, musicals, live comedy shows and much more where it adds prominent premiers to the cultural tendencies Fort Worth knows so well.  It’s a place to experience a broad spectrum of performing arts like no where else!

I have a collection of photos of these angelic beauties neatly organized in monthly folders with plans to create art works from time to time.  I needed to build a variety of styles and thought a glowing night effect would work well for this shot!

Digitally Painted from my original photo!


Brother Blues

Lewisville, Texas

Dan Aykroyd as Elwood Blues

John Belushi as Joliet Jake Blues (R.I.P)

From an orphanage to raising money to prison blues and madcap chases, these comedic and musical characters are well loved by all!  I snapped a few pictures of these large Blues Brothers statue figures at the entrance of 54th Street Restaurant & Drafthouse in Lewisville, Texas.

My Original Photo!

# 4395-FA-0575

Remembering WW2

Irving Veterans Memorial Park

644 Rock Island Road

Irving, Texas

I am proud to say I grew up in Irving, Texas.  Not only do I cherish my memories and stories of age, but so does the City of Irving and their citizens. 
A memorial park dedicated to the past dwellers of Irving who served in early military wars was constructed in 2 phases; 2004 and 2009.  Artist Paul Tadlock created the life size bronze statues.  This is not a 5-minute stroll.  A well planned and thought-out formula of vintage photos of Irving, photos of various soldiers and granite graphics panels guide you through the course of time.  Remembering our fallen and honoring the soldiers who were a part of Irving’s history will make you took the time to visit and study this Memorial Park. 

Digitally Painted from my Original Photo!


Gaylord Welcome  (B)

Gaylord Texan Resort & Hotel Entrance 

Grapevine, Texas

Let’s do something different!  I processed this photo of the Gaylord Texan Resort entrance several ways while considering  this famous gateway has been captured thousands of times by photographers, guests and visitors.  While I love an HDR finished photo where details of the micro elements bloom and details of the entire image pop, I thought doing a unique and colorful  “glow effect” would enhance its outline of the great Texas Stars which pronounce its famous foyer portal.

Digitally Painted from my original photo!


Gaylord Welcome (C)

Gaylord Texan Resort & Hotel Entrance 

Grapevine, Texas

Working with this photo once again, I decided to create a painted and impressionism feel to it!

Processed with Slight Clean & Curl Style, then a Paint Effect from my original photo!


Gaylord Welcome (A)

Gaylord Texan Resort & Hotel Entrance 

Grapevine, Texas

As mentioned in another photo, the Gaylord Texan Resort entrance is one of the most photographed hotel portals in the DFW area.  Although I have taken hundreds of pictures of this grand adit, I can’t help myself to take more each time I visit there.  Consider that it’s not just a five star hotel; yet take note how it features gardens, a huge glassed indoor atrium, a popular convention center, pools, shopping, a seasonal waterpark, restaurants & bars, day spas and more!  I am lucky to live so close (at the moment) so I can capture seasonal entertainment celebrations year long!

HDR Photo Processing from my original photo!

# 4224-TI-2010

Urban Longhorn

The Longhorn Ballroom ~ Dallas, Texas

My Dad once either owned/co-owned/managed Longhorn Ballroom and Sagebrush Inn years ago when I was young, back in the Go-Go-Dancing Era.  I remember one of the lady singers he had brought in bought me a pair of white Go-Go Boots. I got up on stage to dance while the band played and people in the audience threw money up onto the stage.  I was in dance heaven!  Another memory is my 2 brothers, sister and I sitting at the counter where Dad served Bar-B-Q and someone was kicking the wooden panels.  Dad kept asking whoever was doing this to stop, but whoever was doing it didn’t stop!  So we all got a lickin’ for it.  Years later I found out who it was; as he snickered telling me the story and finally after all this time finally confessing. 

Shame on you, Donnell!

Anyway, I have days where I love/hate Google!  I have searched and searched for more information related to the years when Dad ties to this venue; guessing I will have to obtain the details by visiting the City Of Dallas archives; and of course I will update here.  I do see where Douglas “Dewey” Groom took over the ballroom in 1958 and renamed it; and where Jack Ruby served as Manager previously.  I now must do more research to make sure I get all the details correct…give me some time as this is part of my personal childhood memories being part of this fun place with Dad!

In the early years when the Longhorn Ballroom brought in names such as Bob Wills, Merle Haggard, Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn, there was another larger sign situated atop the one I am showing you here in my recent photo with its name.  Yes, google has some of those pix!  It was built in 1950 by Dallas millionaire O. L. Nelms for country music legend Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys; originally named Bob Wills’s Ranch House.

So as for my photo above, I chanced upon the corner of Corinth Street and Riverfront Boulevard in the summer of 2014 and threw my brakes on immediately; thinking, "oh my goodness this is Dad’s place"!  It was an early afternoon and I was granted permission to walk around behind the fences once I introduced myself to one of the new owners (Rosalinda Ramirez).  The Bar-B-Q place is now a tastyMexican Restaurant called Raul’s Corral and I can see where Sagebrush Inn is now either empty or possibly used for something else.  I didn’t take the time to pick up more current details for its purpose since I was running late for a meeting which means I will have to return when I have more time to dig in and of course, eat some enchiladas!  There is a lot more there to see and I did take lots of photos!

It’s really hard to get a decent photograph of the ballroom now with all the background buildings, signs and obstructions, so I decided to play around with my photo and tweak it for a surreal painting!  I hope you like what I did! 

I miss the good ole’ days at the Longhorn Ballroom.

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

# 4221-TH-0980

Don't Get Lost 

Main Street ~ Grapevine, Texas

"The Homecoming" ~ Two bronze statues by Artist Michael Pavlovsky of Fort Worth

As you stroll down the sidewalks of Grapevine, you are also walking along the city's Public Art Trail.  There is a series of highly visible and quite fascinating bronze sculptures throughout the whole city, in fact. 

In front of the109-year old Cotton Belt Railroad Depot,  famous for the Tarantula Train ride back and forth to Downtown Fort Worth, are two more intriguing bronze statues.  "The Homecoming" is a 2-part masterpiece, created by Michael Pavlovsky of Fort Worth which was dedicated to the city Memorial Day 2000.

The statue interprets a soldier returning home from service to a loving embrace.  The couple statue weighs 700 pounds and the arch weighs 800 pounds.

I see the statue from two points of view:  Not only a welcome home scenario, but a "Don't Get Lost" feeling you get when you say good-bye to someone at a train station or airport.

My Bucket List also includes photographing the remaining statues throughout Grapevine.  They each have a unique picturesque story when you find them.

By the way, if you decide to look for these statues before I do?  Make sure you also "look up" along the way!

HDR Photo Processing with my original photo!

# 4222-TH-5368 

Merry TexMas 

Six Flags Over Texas ~ Arlington, Texas

"Holiday In The Park" 2011

The weather was perfect that day for enjoying Six Flags' Holiday In The Park!  I have been to the extravaganza during the bitter cold, ice and snow!  The Christmas decorations, lights, music throughout the park, the cheerful employees in their spirited mood and the spectacular Christmas Light Show at the entry is amazing.  

HDR Photo Processing with my original photo!

# 1942-TI-4213

Ring My Bell

Thanks-Giving Square ~ Downtown Dallas

Dallas can thank four well-known local businessmen for Thanks-Giving Square and a legion of other prominent cultural venues.  Their aspirations formed in thoughtful planning around 1964 where it blossomed into the first public-private venture in 1968; starting out as a beautiful park, and the formation began in 1973.  Finally in 1976 on Thanksgiving Day, the Chapel and Bell Tower received dedication and was recognized as one of our region’s American Revolution Bicentennial Projects.
Who do we thank?  Julius Schepps, John Stemmons, Peter Stewart and Joe Neuhoff.
I hope to be around in the year 2064, but doubt absolutely seriously that I will not be in 2164.  But there was a Time Capsule dedicated in 1996 placed in the Court of All Nations containing statements of thanksgiving to be opened and read!
I spent several hours watching the gallons of water cascading down the Great Fountain, birds landing on flowers, people sitting and reading books, visiting the Chapel and, of course, taking pictures!  I really want to go back again and do this over and over!
I had a wonderful day with 2 of my nephews in town from Alaska, along with my sister, spending family time together.  We separated a few times while each of us had our own idea of that perfect picture, but managed to find each other with joy!  The garden is open from 5:00am until 11:00pm every day – shall we meet up?

Digitally Painted from my original photo!

# 4373-TH-5650

Texas Motor Speedway Club

~ Fort Worth, Texas ~

HDR Photo Processing with my original photo!

# 5020A-JM

Walk With Me

~ Las Colinas River Canal ~ Las Colinas, Texas

Digitally Painted with my original photo!

# 4215-TI-1374

Quad Glance

Tarrant County Court House ~ Fort Worth, Texas

Spending a day Downtown Fort Worth is just not enough time to photograph every building, every sculpture, every scene or surprises along the way!  I took this photo on 4th of July, 2014 a few hours before the Fireworks Show overlooking Trinity River.  After working with the colors of the brick, I finally decided to do a painting effect to the scene so it didn't all blend in together and lose the courthouse's personality!  

I wish a had a huge ladder so I could get up high enough and close enough to take a picture of the clock tower straight-on!  Maybe I'll wink at a few of the nearby Firemen??

Digitally Painted from my original photograph!

# 4053-0566

Big State Sodas Are Here To Stay

Downtown Irving, Texas


1948: Clay and Jean Burney buy the dry goods store at 200 E. Irving Blvd. and turn it into Big State Drug, a pharmacy and soda fountain shop.
1992: Brian and Stacy Smith buy the pharmacy from Clay Burney and keep it going for 22 years.
May 2014: The Smiths announce they plan to close Big State Drug.
May 21: Rick Fairless and Big State Drug building owner, Dan Neimeier, reach an agreement for Fairless to lease the building.
May 22: Big State Drug closes its doors.
Summer 2014:
Rick Fairless said he plans to reopen the new Big State Drug within 60 days.
“You’re gonna know that you’re entering a historic place,” said Rick Fairless.
“It’s gonna knock you over the head.”
The new Big State Fountain and Grill will focus on the store’s soda fountain operation, and Fairless said he plans to give the place a ’50s feel. He also wants to highlight Irving’s history in the restaurant.
“I want it to be a place to make Irving proud,” he said.
Growing up with Big State Drug since I have been in elementary while growing up in Irving,
reminiscing on the late nights we stood in line for prescriptions (especially for my brother who suffered from asthma) and enjoying soda fountains with friends, this is great news to me it will remain open!

HDR Photo Processing with my original photo!

# 4217-TI-4011

Gentle Fall

Central Christian Church ~ Downtown Greenville, Texas

Having a Gothic Cathedral appeal, stain glass windows, visible Historical Landmark sign with information and a few lofty towers I was gently nudged to stop, pull over, park and grab my camera!
The Congregation was organized in 1879, led by an Alabama Minister; Elder James Pickens.  It's the oldest church structure remaining in this town whereby some renovation was needed in later years.
The Church is situated Downtown Greenville where it's known for shopping and dining.  I always try to find churches in a midtown main section of a town; especially smaller or more rural ones!  There is always interesting history to study which helps you gain more respect and to keep your personal diary quitefull!  
My Mother was with me on this trip and every time I look at this beautiful church, I think of Mom!

Digitally Painted from my original photograph!

 # 4352-TH-0255

Plates Of Time

54th Street Restaurant

Lewisville, Texas

I entered this in the Smithsonian 2017 Photo Contest!

Please click here to vote for my photo!

# 4023-1396

Sweeping View

4th of July ~Fort Worth, Texas ~ 2014

HDR Photo Processing with my original photo!


Double Rumble



I have always enjoyed firework displays overlooking a lake or beach; and Fort Worth has much more to offer than just the Trinity River waterfront view!  Billing itself as the largest July 4th fireworks show in North Texas, they featured kid-friendly activities spread across both sides of the Trinity River, a wide variety of food vendors, music and entertainment from local venues, free tubing and much more!  We sat just at the foot of the huge and most incredible highest of fireworks I have ever seen in my life.  The crowd was in good spirits and every which way you turned during the day and on into the evening, there was something catching your eye!


# 4028-TH-1630

Light My Fire

Panther Island Pavilion ~ 4th Of July ~Fort Worth Texas 2014

Trinity River

Not only did we experience the golden colored skies and silhouettes of patrons cheering on the show, we were close enough to feel the heat of the enormous fire displays on the ground and in the clouds!  I did NOT retouch this photo to change any color at all!  This is exactly what we saw!  
Just simply amazing!

# 5016A-0894

Rave Kaleidoscope

~ North Richland Hills, Texas ~

HDR Photo Processing with my original photo!

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