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The Spit ~ Homer, Alaska

From Homer, driving on Spit Road to "The Spit", I found an awe-inspiring graveyard of worn out ships on the left just as I was about to enjoy my cross over of Coal Bay!

I held onto my thoughts of moving forward!  You gotta STOP for this locale, I told myself!

As I walked along the scenic trail taking pictures, my first instinct was to merrily run for joy onto the bow of this ship and sneak into it's quarters, but I noticed a "No Trespassing" sign posted near the plank of this interesting and colorful vessel; along with flowers in pots and engaging artifacts scattered about.

Next, I noticed a man walking in and out of the front door.  I later heard this ship washed up years and years ago and just sat dead still stuck in the muddled sands.  I have since learned it is occupied as a houseboat by Bob, Judy and Justice Cousins. They have hopes of one day turning this into an open-air restaurant.

The houseboat was originally a World War II Troop Transporter that also served as a crabber and a tender in it's day.  It  has now served as a family home for several years.

I did not dare trespass onto the museum style maritime home,  but you know I wanted to!

HDR Processing, then Digitally Painted from my original photo.

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Seasons of Yore  (A)

Ninilchik, Alaska ~ Russian Village

Current Population:  597

1841 First buildings constructed for settlers

1867 U.S. purchases Alaska from Russia

The Kenai Peninsula was historically used by Den'ina Indians for fur-farming and fishing. In 1847, Grigorii and Marva Kvasnikoff moved to Ninilchik.  He was a Russian Orthodox Missionary from Moscow and his wife was a "creole", the daughter of Efim Rastorguev, a Russian shipbuilder.   Many of the current Native residents are descendants of the Kvasnikoffs.  A very fascinating Native Village is located in the center of the community.

While watching out for bears, I ventured out of my car and walked among several beautiful old faded abandoned boats and buildings still full of life and color.  I fell in love with the way the paint on this boat pealed in vibrant hues and curls!

Photo is done with HDR Processing, then I created a paint feel to it!

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Seasons of Yore  (B)

Ninilchik, Alaska ~ Russian Village

I love this painting style so much, I decided to do this photo in a pastel hue!

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Two Worlds 

Grewingk Glacier ~ Homer, Alaska 

The Glacier is 13 miles long (21km); located in the Kenai Mountains, near Kachemak Bay across from Homer.  Within the Kachemak Bay Park, there are over 25 miles of park trails with the range from easy to difficult.  Many visitors climb over steep, rugged terrain to seek excellent views.  Other trails wind through coastal forest and meadows.


I stayed still for a bit waiting to see if these two ships were going to collide.   Just another photo opp!!

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Bogoslof Bound 

Homer, Alaska

Tour boats, ferries, planes, cruise ships or your own personal boat can transport you all over Alaska, but I think this weathered Bogoslof boat has made a happy home right where it sits.

Driving up the mountain and around a large curve on Sterling Highway, right before I entered Homer for the first time, I had to pull over to astonish myself with the breath taking view.  Yes, my jaw dropped!

This merry little sail boat rests at the top of the mountain in front of a real estate office.  Homer is home of  Bogoslof Island (much further south along the islands section); part of  the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge and is an important breeding site for seabirds and marine mammals.

HDR Photo Processing.

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Bogoslof Bound   (B)

Homer, Alaska

Digitally Painted from my original photograph ofSeptember 19, 2010.


Two Poles Are Better Than One

Valdez, Alaska

Rain, snow, sleet, blizzards, fog, nor ice stops the fishermen in Alaska from fishing!  And ice fishing is another adventure in it's own.  Simply put, Alaska can be a total fishing adventure.

Fishing pros and tour boats are abundant.  This trip was offered by "Sanity Charters" and now I know why it's called Sanity!

Have you ever fished in the snow?

(Please Note:  There is another version of this photograph in the Alaska Oceans & Harbors Folder/Tab)

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Spirit of Seward 

Seward, Alaska 

Alaska starts here!

Situated at the head of Resurrection Bay on the Kenai Peninsula, Seward is one of Alaska's oldest and most scenic communities.  Known as the "Gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park', Seward is a picturesque town located 126 miles south of Anchorage.

I don't know which was most intriguing?  The scenic drive there or this beautiful harbor framed by 10 enormous mountain summits and peaks.

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Mark Cape Cross Time 

The vessel Cape Cross ran into some trouble in Resurrection Bay, near Seward.
According to Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation,The F/V Cape Cross grounded in Main Bay in Prince William Sound at 5:00am on July 26, 2010.  There was a slight oil spill due to the vessel drifting onto an uncharted pinnacle.  The Cape Cross arrived in Seward by tow and now sits at Lowell Point awaiting final disposition by the Storm Chasers.  No wildlife was harmed. 
Although an interesting story and sad plans to dismantle it, I was at least able to capture various photographs at different times and days; watching the tides drift back and forth.  It appears to situate itself differently during assorted water flows. 
If it were my choice, I would leave it alone.  I think it's beautiful and adds to the elements of Alaska!
HDR Processing then Digitally Painted from my original photograph of September 10, 2010.

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Harbor of Rainbows 

Homer, Alaska

Rainbow Tours is one of the more popular guided tour services in Homer.    The family owned business has been accommodating tourists and residents since 1982.

Make sure you look them up when you plan your Halibut  Fishing Charter or your Seldovia Wildlife Tour.

I was delighted to snap this shot as the crew prepared for their next group.  The colorful rainbow colors on the boat made a perfect backdrop for the blooming florals at my fingertips and elbows! LOL

I have never seen so many boats in one harbor in my life.  You have to add this to your Bucket List!

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Virginis Rendezvous 


 Homer, Alaska 

The story goes that The Virginis, an old fishing boat,  grounded in the mud in Homer years ago and now lies motionless in the old ship graveyard alongside the tidle flats of The Spit.

Many of the boats are more than 100 years old and depict their eras in mariner history.  The Virginis is the oldest; a 1917 wooden boat.

I guess you are wondering what I am going to say next?  Well here goes....


What can I say?  I love taking pictures of old ships!


Village Avast  


Ninilchik, Alaska ~ Russian Village

Upon coasting downward into a sort of circled village area, there is a sign that welcomes you as you enter Ninilchik.......The sign reads:

"Privet (Greetings)

My name is Ninilchik Village. I was settled around the turn of the 19th century by creaoles, Rissians, Aleuts and Indians.  The names of my earlier children were Kvasnikoff, Oskolkoff, Kompkoff and Astrogin. They were retired hunters and trappers that wanted to find a homeland of their own. Some of their great grandchildren still reside here to this day. My Russian Orthodox Church, on the hill, was built in the early 20th century. My river, and Cook Inlet are best known for their fish. My beaches ae known for their clams. I ask that you please respect my people, their heritage, their culture, their prop


Autumn Pirates  

Sterling Highway, Alaska

Several times while cruising along Sterling Highway scouting out photo opportunities, I  would notice this exhausted boat with a pirate flag nestled alongside the entry of someone's entry drive.

One day, finally, I pulled over, threw on my Alaska tennis shoes (you don't wear white tennies in Alaska) and strolled my way along the path and snapped away with my camera.

Alaska is like an Adventure Park with something new, something old and something alive peering at you within the forested pines.

No, I observed no pirates peering at me!

# 3090-G

Ahoy Ashore

Homer, Alaska ~ The Spit

Graveyard of Ships

I am assuming this is a tug boat, one of many deteriorated, many very mellow various vessels and boats, dominating the walking trail alongside The Spit's stretched drive.  One just has to pull over, grab the camera and stroll down mariner's memory lane.

I would love to know the story behind each and every one.


Cape Cross 

Seward / Lowell Point, Alaska

Here is another captured moment of Cape Cross resting in between Seward and Lowell Point.

This was a warm and luscious day.   The tide came in just enough so as not to show how "stuck" this vessel really is.  It's so close, you just want to swim over and take a sneak peak inside, but the water is way too cold.  In the distant, you can see otters, sea lions and eagles at play.

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Cook Inlet Camber 

Cook Inlet ~ Nikiski, Alaska 

Cook Inlet stretches 180 miles (290km) from the Gulf of Alaska to Anchorage and branches into the Knik Arm and Turnagain Arm.  Within the watershed there are several national parks and the active volcano Mount Redoubt, along with three other historically active volcanoes.  Approximately 400,000 people live within Cook Inlet.  It was first explored and settled by the Dena'ina natives in the 18th century.  Russian fur hunters were among the first European visitors.

I lived not too far from Nikiski and spent many days exploring the region; bumping into a new experience with each trip.  The sounds of the eagles soaring or the distant boat horns was an every day acquaintance.  I kept watching this ship as it came closer, hoping to grab that perfect shot.  I love the way the tree limbs encircle it.

# 3028

Ray's Window 

Seward, Alaska 

Ray's Waterfront dining offers the finest Alaskan cuisine served up with great views of Seward's small boat harbor and the astounding mountains overlooking Resurrection Bay.  

I never knew which was better; the view or the fresh steamed crab legs.  I took this picture while perching myself at my regular table inside.  I love my camera lens!


Haunted Storms 

 Homer, Alaska 

Alaska is a huge state and weather can vary greatly by region and season - daily.

No matter the weather, I was out there with my camera, tripod, 5 layers of clothing and a watchful eye for that perfect shot.

This is another account of the tug boat; on a more Kenai Peninsula rainy day. 


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